L.S.S.A.H (Pol)
Laaz Rockit (Usa)
Lachrymator (Usa)
Lake of Tears (Swe)
Lamentation (Gre)
Lamentation (Bra)
Land of Goshen (Pol)
Landfill (Usa)
Langsuyr (Mal)
Last Days of Humanity (Hol)
Last Descendants (Usa)
Last Rite (Ita)
Lawnmower Deth (Eng)
Lazy Mans Load (Ger)
Leave Scars (Swe)
Left Hand Solution (Swe)
Legacy (Usa)
Legion (Ecu)
Legion of Doom (Gre)
Lemming Project (Ger)
Leprocy (Can)
Lestregus Nosferatus (Usa)
Let Me Dream (Fin)
Lethal (Usa)
Lethal Aggression (Usa)
Lethal Impact (Bel)
Lethal Prayer (Usa)
Leukemia (Swe)
Leviathan (Pol)
Leviathan (usa-NY)
Lewiathan (Pol)
Liar of Golgotha (Hol)
Libation (Sng)
Life Artist (Ger)
Ligament (Swe)
Light Force (Aus)
Limbonic Art (Nor)
Living Death (Ger)
Living Sorrow (Ger)
Lobotomy (Swe)
Lonewolf (Fra)
Lord (Fra)
Lord Belial (Swe)
Lord Crucifier (Eng)
Lord Mortis (Can)
Lord of Putrefaction (Eng)
Lords of the Stone (Hol)
Loudblast (Fra)
Lubricant (Fin)
Lucifer (Swe)
Luciferion (Swe)
Lucifers Hammer (Usa)
Lucifers Heritage (Ger)
Lucifugum (Ukr)
Lullaby (Bra)
Lunacy (Swi)
Lunatic Paradise (Ltu)
Lust (Can)