Born in 1990 from the desire of the guitarist Martino Lo Cascio to create a metal band open to every musical influence, Acacia succeeds in interesting well soon the employees getting positive reviews not only on the national specialized fanzines and magazines. After different changes of line up, (the only stable element will be the same Martino Lo Cascio), and the release of the demos "No silence" (1991), "Looking for to dream" (1992), "Funerals of State" (1993) and "Introspection" (1994), in 1995 the band signs for the Italian label "Underground Symphony", for which had previously published on compilation the song "Funerals of State", considered the most interesting song of the release from the Italian metal magazine “Flash”. It comes so published in 1996 the debut album "Deeper Secrets" that it gets favorable consents of sales and specialized criticism and that it brings the band to play in different live, among which the opening of the concert of the Italian rocker Vasco Rossi to Palermo in September of 1996 in front of more than 50,000 people


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No Silence 1991 Demo
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Pro printed glossy covers with lyrics on the back. Pro printed tapes.


- I don't believe
- The day begins to droop
- Behind the lies
- Tears of life



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