When VENDETTA were forced to change their name in mid 1988, due to the German band by the same name claiming the rights to the bandname, they opted for ANESTHESY. At that time the band was also looking for a new vocalist, to replace Stefaan 'Stef' Deldaele. Towards the end of 1988 the right man was found in Stefaan Vanijzere. The rest of the ANESTHESY line-up at that time included Franky Libeert & Christophe 'Stoffe' Decaesteker (guitars), Chris Decaesteker (bass) and drummer Ringo Remmery as well. Only a couple of shows later, on May 19th 1989, vocalist Stefaan left the band again already. Only to be followed by guitarist Christophe on May 27th 1989. As a result the band was on the lookout for another guitarist, as well as a vocalist. There was talk of female vocalist Gladys ? (from THUNDER FORCE) joining ANESTHESY at one point, but things never worked out. In the end Franky, Chris and Ringo decided to continue as a trio, with Franky becoming the new vocalist as well. During July 21-24th 1989 the band went into the Mix Studio in Kortrijk (Courtray), with producers Stefaan Deldaele (indeed, the band's former vocalist in the VENDETTA days) and Bernard (Armand) ?. The result was the Overdose demo. Plenty of gigs followed (including one at the Hardrock Circus in Stabroek on February 17th 1990) and some label interest was generated as well, from England's C.M.F.T. Records, in March of 1990. The band recorded 9 songs at the Square Studio with co-producer Kris ?, for what was to be their debut LP, to be entitled Just Married. This never saw the light of day though, as C.M.F.T. soon became bankrupt. On October 20th 1990 drummer Ringo left, and was soon replaced by Diego Denorme (ex EVIL SINNER, ex THUNDER FORCE). On December 15th 1990 ANESTHESY played at Zaal TVP in Aalst, together with THYRUS. More live activity followed in 1991 at a thrash festival in Moorsel (April 21st, together with ASPHYXIA & CYCLONE) and at De Zon in Bodegraven (Holland) on May 18th. This new trio line-up (Franky, Chris & Diego) inspired the band to have six of the originally recorded nine songs remixed at CCR Studio by engineer Jo ? in early 1992, and they were released independently in early March 1992, as the Just Married mCD.



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Xeroxed covers. Tapes had stickers on the shell. First demo was under the Vendetta name. No lyrics

- Anesthesia
- Final Call
- Desbelieve
- No Name
- Overdose



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