Beyond Death surfaced back in 1986 outside of Buffalo, NY where founding members Alex Webster (bass), Jack Owen (guitar) and Darrin Pfeiffer (drums) experimented with speed and thrash metal. They recorded their first demo A Slice of Death which took notice in the Buffalo underground scene. The three piece group sought after another guitarist for that extra edge…enter Frank Lombardi. It was soon learned that with Frank’s addition to the band, it diversified them into reaching multiple genres with their new style of death/thrash/punk metal. Frank also added another element by the band having now two lead vocals with Alex and Frank switching off singing each song live. The new lineup exploded into the local scene in early 1988 with their next demo Yuk Fou. Unfortunately in 1989 Alex and Jack departed from Beyond Death to team up with partial members from another local band (Tirant Sin) that soon created the legendary death metal band (Cannibal Corpse). Darrin and Frank tried to hold things together until calling it quits after Darrin moved on to play for upcoming local hardcore band (Zero Tolerance) and later ska giants (Goldfinger) as Frank tried his luck with the punk metal genre. In late 1989, Frank knew with the local popularity that Beyond Death’s music had with their fand decided to continue their legacy. Frank found bassist Jason Coryer and was able to help keep the band progressing. After no luck in finding a drummer, Darrin filled in part time to then help record the first studio demo. The hunt for a drummer finally came to an end as Frank and Jason found Bill Rogala (Guillotine). His style and personality fit the band perfectly. Beyond Death was once again alive and kicking in clubs across Buffalo. They recorded the next demo live entitled Above and Beyond Reality in 1991. Things did not move along as expected as the grunge genre started to take hold and once again Beyond Death drifted apart. The revival lasted under 2 years as Frank, Jason and Bill called it quits in 1992.

Tirant Sin
Cannibal Corpse

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A Slice of Death Demo 1987
Above and Beyond Reality Demo 1991
You Make Me Vomit Demo

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Xeroxed covers. Tapes varied. No lyrics. Band address on back

- Mouth to Mouth Vomit
- Waiting to Die
- Jesus Freaks
- Flubberscum
- I'm Sick
- Mr. Yuck



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