Cathedral officially found it's start late 1989, when founder members Lee Dorrian and Mark (Griff) Griffiths were discussing their love of bands like Trouble, Pentagram, Sabbath, St.Vitus , Melvins, Candlemass etc. The bands first rehearsal took place at Rich Bitch Studios in March 1990. The line up being Dorrian -vocals, Griff rhythm guitar, Gaz main guitar and initial drummer Andy Baker, who had previously played in Sacrilege, Varukers & Cerebral Fix amongst others. This rehearsal consisted mainly of Gaz & Griff jamming some Vitus tunes and playing around with a few riff ideas to get a vibe. After a couple more rehearsals, it became clear that Andy wasn't too enthusiastic about the slower than slow torturous wah-wah drudgery that was grinding out of the duo's crumbling amps, and was replaced by Coventry drummer Ben Mochrie who had played in several local hardcore bands. After a fruitless search for a bassist, Griff decided to switch from six strings to four. Such was the bands love of the twin guitar harmonies of early Trouble, they decided that the line up wouldn't be complete without the addition of a second guitarist, who came in the shape of Adam Lehan, who joined just prior to the recording of the bands first demo. Their first release, In Memorium, was a self produced demo released through Lee's then beginning Rise Above Records label and it gained them underground world attention. Following its release, the band completed several tours with acts as diverse as S.O.B., Saint Vitus, Morbid Angel, Young Gods and Cranes. The following year and one drummer less, they were picked up by Earache UK and released Forest of Equilibrium, which featured ex Dream Death and current Penance drummer, Mike Smail guesting behind the kit.



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I have seen white, yellow and blue covers. No lyrics. Recorded onto regular tapes.

- Mourning Of A New Day
- All Your Sins
- Ebony Tears
- March



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