Centurian was raised in January 1997 from the smoldering remains of Thrash/Death metal band Inquisitor. Drummer Wim van der Valk and guitar player Rob Oorthuis decided to continue the band with a new name, changing their musical style to very fast and aggressive Death metal. This style has been the trademark of Centurian ever since. Influenced by bands like Morbid Angel, Krisiun and Deicide, Centurian nevertheless created their very own sound. Joined by vocalist Seth van de Loo, Centurian started off playing gigs in May 1997. Later the same year they recorded their first 8 track Demo entitled "Of Purest Fire". This promo/demo CD proved to be very successful, receiving lots of very good reviews in the Underground Metal scene, and led to some nice offers from record labels. Hell Unleashed At the beginning of 1998 Centurian completed their line-up with the long awaited bass player, Patrick Boley, and shortly after that they signed a record deal with US label Full Moon Productions. Part of this deal was the re-release of the "Of Purest Fire" demo as a mini-CD in April 1998. Helped by the very well organized promotion campaign by Full Moon Productions, the first pressings of the CD sold out in a matter of weeks. Good reviews came in from all over the world, and Centurian started to roam the stages together with bands as Krisiun, Marduk, God Dethroned, Sinister, and many others. Centurian earned a reputation for playing extremely fast and with hellish fury during their live gigs. Demons of Chaos With the release of their full length CD "Choronzonic Chaos Gods" in 1999, Centurian definitely placed themselves at the top of the Death metal scene.



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Xeroxed covers. No lyrics. Regular Tapes.

-  Intro: Evoking Demonstorms / Hell At Last
- Soultheft
- Blasphemy (Morbid Angel cover)
- Better Off Burning
- God Got Killed
- Of Purest Fire
- Damnation For the Holy (Inquisitor cover)
- Outro