Demigod was formed in August of 1990 in a little town in Finland called Loimaa. The band was heavily inspired by such bands as Infernal Majesty, Possessed, Obliveon, Invocator and Carcass. The first studio-demo "Unholy Domain" was recorded in December of 1990. That demo-tape gained a huge success in underground circles around the world. It also came out as split-album with the Finnish band Necropsy in 1992. Demigod signed a record deal with the Spanish label, Drowned Productions (the label later changed it's name to Repulse) in spring 1992. The album "Slumber Of Sullen Eyes" was recorded and mixed at Tico-Tico Studios (Kemi, Finland) in July 1992. The band played many live shows in the early 90's. The music style experienced a slight change towards a more aggressive and thrashier direction. As a result the band recorded two tight promo-tapes in 1993 and 1994. Despite the good response from press and fans those tapes had, the band split up temporarily. After a short silence the band started to rehearse again. Their musical variety got wider and lots of new great songs were written although the band kept a very low profile during that time. In early 1998 the members decided to awaken the slumbering Demigod again. After some difficulties and setbacks Demigod signed a record deal with Spikefarm Records in 2001. Second album "Shadow Mechanics" was released in July 2002. The album includes various songs easily spanning the ten years period after the “Slumber Of Sullen Eyes”.


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1990 DEMO

Xeroxed covers. Tapes varied

- Frozen Flesh Funeral
- Reincarnation
- Internal Infestation
- Asphyxiated in Despair



Pro printed covers. Came with a lyric sheet. Hand numbered covers.

- Perpetual Ascent (Intro)
- Anxiety
- Reincarnation
- Succumb to Dark



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