The auditive putrefaction and decomposition started back in late '93, with the aim of creating the sickest and most brutal band in México. The band's sound was very influenced by the old Death Metal sound of late '80's… often compared to GRAVE, INCANTATION, MORTICIAN, DISMEMBER and CARCASS. Already in '94, the band released their first demo/rehearsal including 6 songs of a totally nauseous old school Gore Death/Grind, receiving a very good response from the underground that made them to deal with Bellphegot Rec. for the release of their first official studio demo in '95 under the title of "Through The Innards". 4 songs full of Gore and with a more Death Metal influence. In '96 the band released its 2nd demo "Blood And Pus Emanations", including three odes of destruction of the most rotten and sick Death/Grind, which leaded them to perform their first tour through central America (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala y Nicaragua) in coalition with American Line Prods. "Chronic Corpora Infest" was the band's first full length album, recorded in '97 and including 9 songs, it was first released the same year on cassette format by Perpetual Rec. (mex) and later, in '98, on CD format by American Line Prod., including a mucho more explicit artwork and giving the band a wider exposure in the rest of the world, as well as offering them the chance of doing a 2nd tour through central America in the same year. In 1998 the band recorded 4 new songs for their "Promo '98" in search of a new company for their 2nd album. In the meantime, two of these songs were included on a Split 7"EP with SQUASH BOWELS and their demo "Blood And Pus Emanations" was re-released by japanese label Obliteration Rec. with new artwork.


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Blood and Pus Emanations 1998 Demo
1994 Rehearsal
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Xerox covers. Regular tapes. Need more info

- Engorgement (Intro)
- Submassive Rectal Biofestering
- Grotesque Devourment
- Internal Necro Infestation
- Seminal Myoliserguide Necrosia
- Disgorgement (Outro)


1998 PROMO

Xerox covers. Regular tapes.

- Spasmobliterance Filtrates Scabs
- Urethrive Decortico Xantomatose Muco Gestated Scallfolds
- Scid
- Crevice Flux Warts