The whole story of Dispatched began just before New-Years Eve of '91/'92. The founder, Daniel Lundberg, and Krister Andersson decided to start a band. Jonas Kimbrell joined , Emanuel Astrom was found and the line-up was complete. It was then that they recorded their first demo Dispatched into External at Stone Studio. Returning to the same studio in early 1993, they recorded a new promo tape. In the summer of 1993, the whole gang drove to the famous Unisound to make another promo. With this second promo Dispatched gained more attention and some labels showed interest in the band. This tape received no bad reviews at all. One year later, Dispatched returned to Unisound to record a whole album, which was planned to be released by Exhumed Productions in Germany. A total of eleven songs were recorded. Jonas and Emanuel decided to go their own way right after this recording. Daniel and Fredrik continued to rehearse and after the summer they found a new drummer, Mattias Hellman. Later on the found a keyboard player and vocalist, Fredrik Karlsson. This four piece planned to record some new songs until the summer of '97, but Hellman wasn't good enough in the studio, so he was replaced by Dennis Nilsson. After some changes of studio dates, Dispatched finally recorded four songs in Studio Titan in September '97 (later to become the MCD Returned to Your Mind). Dennis Nilsson became a full member of the band and a second guitar player, Emil Larsson, joined as well in the beginning of 1998.

The Marble Icon
Cryptic Art
Dark Edge


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Pro printed covers and cassettes. No lyrics, but there was a thanks list. There were apparently some problems with the printing process, and while some were printed fine, others were printed from a folded up copy of the cover, so while the cover itself is fine, it appears that it's crinkled and dogeared. Cover art was drawn by Martin Gustafsson of Darkified. Limited to 100 copies.

- Intro
- Ruined Minds
- Demoniac of Cannibalism
- Hang You in the Tongue
- Dispatched Into External
- Outro



1993 PROMO

Xeroxed covers. It attracted the attention of Dutch label Crown Of Thorns, who decided to give it an official release as Act Of Resurrection (see below). No lyrics again, just track listing and thanks list. The tape itself was even a generic blank style.

- The Crusade of the Northern Gods
 Act of Resurrection


1993 PROMO

The official commercial release of Promo '93. Pro printed four panel covers. The band gave permission to the Dutch label Crown of Thorns Rec. to release it, but was badly ripped off (they never received a single copy). No lyrics again, just tracklisting and thanks list (with a picture of a sea urchin in the background for some reason), and the first official picture of the band, which is actually the only to show all members of the first lineup. Limited to 100 copies.

- The Crusade of the Northern Gods
 Act of Resurrection


1993 PROMO #2

4 songs were recorded for another promo, this time in infamous Gorysound studio, though released only as an unlabeled cassette with no cover, title, or anything. The band simply calls this Promo 2. This attracted the attention of Exhumed Productions, so the band returned to rerecord the promo songs with new ones for a full-length, but that also got messed up, and the intended full-length Blackshadows remains unreleased (back then).

- Blackshadows
- Darkness
- Act of Resurrection
- The End (Outro)



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