Emaciated from The Bronx was born in 1989 in an early incarnation known as Decapitator. What started out as a Speed/Thrash project quickly emerged into a more Death/Grind/Doom band. Decapitator consisted of Rob on bass, Chris on guitar and Mike Connor on guitar, with Mike Molina rounding off the band on drums. They wrote 3 songs heavily influenced by bands like Demolition Hammer, Dark Angel, Pestilence, among others, but sadly these songs were never recorded. Molina quickly departed and Rob and Chris, wanting to head in a more Grind direction, regrouped as Emaciated sometime in 1991. Eventually Connor came back into the mix and the search for a drummer was on. Briefly a drummer named Anthony Frisalone filled the spot but was replaced by a drum machine for the recording of the band's first demo, "...of unending misery" in early 1992, heavily influenced by bands like Death, Morbid Angel, Immolation, Incantation, among others.  Mike Puglisi was quickly snatched up on 2nd guitar and the hunt for a new drummer was on, once again. Meanwhile the 2nd version of the demo was circulating through the tape trading networks of the US and Europe, with France's Osmose Productions picking up a few dozen copies to distribute, as well as Spain's Drowned Productions offering a 7" deal, regardless of the shitty sounding production and use of a primitive drum machine. Enter Diallo on drums in late 1992. The band wrote 3 new songs in preparation for the 7" to be released on Drowned, but Connor didnt want to sing anymore, due to the music getting more technical and harder for him to sing and play at the same time, so while they rehearsed the music, they searched for a vocalist, to no avail. Personal problems began to plaque the band in mid-1993 and they eventually faded away, never to release the Drowned 7" or play a live show.


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Regular Xeroxed covers and pro' clear tape. Lyrics included. Two versions of this demo are in existence. This version, recorded in Rob's basement with a 4-track and an Alesis drum machine, with the help of a then Green Street studio intern, Louie Esposito, who took the tracks to his intern job and "mixed" them as best as he could. Chris did the vocals on this take of the demo. Shortly after, not happy with the results of the demo and personal problems between Connor and Chris, the band decided to part ways with Chris and scrap the demo. Rob and Connor salvaged the drum machine track and re-recorded their guitar and bass tracks in Connor's living room. This time Connor handling the vocals.

- Hypothermia
- Self-Inflicted End
- Downfall of Reverence
- ...Of Unending Misery



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