In December 1994 the band gained the actual singer Andrea Casadei, and in September 1995 the formation was completed adding Stefano Mancini on Guitar. On 12/23/'95 the band entered Day Records (Paul Chain's studios) and produced "Demo '95-'96", containing 5 original tracks. On May 1996 the drummer was replaced (due to technical differences) by Enrico Bollini completing the actual line-up, which records (in August of the same year at Fear Studios) the song "The Fortress", featured on "Dawn Of Gods 2", a compilation distributed at a National level in Italy. In May/June 1997 Entity strikes back with "Promo 1997", containing 4 original tracks, which gives to the band the possibility to play live in various Cities in the North of Italy. After enthusiastic reviews by the most important Italian Metal Magazines, the band entered again Gabriele Ravaglia's Fear Studios to start working on "Hate in 1998", featuring 3 original tracks; one of these released on the "Screams From Italy Vol. 5" compilation (1999). Between October 2001 and January 2002 the band entered again Fear Studios to unleash their first full-length "Hate From Funland", containing 8 original songs plus "The Fortress" as bonus track.


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1995 DEMO

Recorded live at Day Record Studio by Paul Chain. Recorded, Mixed & Mastered 12/23/1995. Pro printed covers.


- Ungrateful Fate
- Malefic Island
- Crow's Wood
- Day In Darkness
- Angel Of Satan



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