Three guys decided to form a band to create melodic and violent metal. The guys were John (guitar), Thomas ( guitar) and Daniel (vocals). As you may have found out, the possibilities to create and rehearse isn´t very easy with two guys on guitar and one singer. In spring 93 they found a bassplayer and a drummer. Those guys were more interested in other things like sports and such, so their appearance didn´t push the band forward to put it very mildly. The guys were soon out of the band and in autumn/winter 93 they found a drummer called Andreas Tullson who seemed to fit in. A Bassist were found in spring 94 but were out of the band in autumn 94. In summer Daniel was fired because of problems within the band. Only the three strong were left, and they rehearsed and in November they recorded: DEMO 1 94 This one was recorded in studio Hönshuset, a really nice 8 -track studio on the countryside where the band could record without being interrupted by idiots.They received relatively good critics for the recording after all, not really a masterpiece. During 95 no new recording took place. Instead they found a bassplayer in their old singer Daniel in autumn 95. The guys made three new songs and in February 96 a new tape was recorded:PROMO 96 was supposed to be a demo .This tape was recorded in Studio Skogsbrynet, a 16-track studio where Andreas Brink controlled the recording. The bad final product cannot be blamed upon him, the band was in a very bad shape. Tullsson was going to left the band and the circumstances of the recording was getting on everybodys nerves. The songs were ok, better than the demo, but something was wrong. The tape was only spread in about 15 ex. and the reviews were good. After the recording Tullson stopped playing with them and Daniel disappeared. Two new guys replaced them and soon they released another demo: MOONSCAPE was recorded during August Moon. This time the result showed to be overwhelming! Again they used Brink, and he did a better job than with the promo. Almost everything worked out as the members wanted too. The best release they ever made so far!!!



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1996 DEMO

Xeroxed covers. White studio tapes.

- Intro
- My Fading Kingdom
- As The Last Leaf Fell
- The Autumn Is Eternal


1996 PROMO

Xeroxed covers. Black studio tapes.

- Unrisen
- Floating...
- Bloodred Beautiful



Pro printed covers. No lyrics. White tapes

- Autumn Opus No.1
- Moonscape
- In a Land Dawn Never Reached
- Floating...
- My Fading Kingdom
- Song of Enchantment



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