The history began in December 1994 when both Warlord and B. Goat decided to start with another musical project. Warlord was playing bass in Dethroned Christ, but EVIL members were playing together since 1992 in old bands SATANIC RITES (1992) and BAEL (1993). Note: Nothing has been officially released with S.R. nor BAEL. The first rehearsals were between 20-25 of December 1994 and the first songs “Black Moon” and “The Black Arts of Goat” were created. In January 1995, with line up: Warlord (guitar) and B. Goat (drums,vocals), was recorded the first official release “From The Black Horde Of Pure Evil” reh-tape. All intros were done in a ritual with members of EVIL and DETHRONED CHRIST. After some difficulties with playing both drums and vocals, B.Goat decided to stop playing drums and E. Lord Diabollus (from D.CHRIST) has joined in drums. In Southern Winter (May,1995) the first demo “All Evil” has been recorded and released by Warlord´s label PURE EVIL PRODS. Other songs from “All Evil” record-session (over 3-4 unreleased songs plus a few others) was released under title “Hate Spirit” via Combat Rex in 2001. In the end of 1995, B.Goat left EVIL and usual Black Metal scene and started with NS ideas. B.Goat was the first person in this side to start with NSBM in an effective way. After some months without rehearsals, Warlord invited F.Daemon (also from D.CHRIST) to join in guitar and, in Southern Winter (June 1996) the second demo “A Southern War From The Winter´s March” has been recorded. Their first CD "1994-1999 Panzer War Marches" is out on Inspire Hate Records in 1999. After 2000, 18 more release was done (1 full-length, 4 compilations and 9 split-demo) with many re-release of old demo. The former member B. Goat was arrested in 2000 for murder and got 20 years prison sentence ; he died in prison in 2008.


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Xeroxed covers. Dubbed Tapes

- Intro / Nocturnal Rites In The Black Pentagram
- Medieval Spells In The Ancient Vastlands
- From The Black Horde Of Pure Evil



Printed covers. Tapes had stickers on the shell..

- Intro
- Ritos Noturno
- Medieval Spells In The Ancient Vastlands
- From The Black Horbe Of Pure Evil
- A Southern War From The Winter's March (Rehearsal Version)