Fantom Warior started as a heavy metal cover band under the name Phantom Lord in 1984 in Union, New Jersey. The original lineup featured guitarist Keith Pires, drummer James Jensen, bass guitarist John Chernack, guitarist Steve Schley and vocalist Dave Montini. The band had a number of lead vocalists, most notably Jason Glicken (alias Raeph Glicken) who continued his music career as a drummer for a number of hardcore punk bands such as S.F.A., Kill Your Idols and The Arsons, as well as the black metal band Black Anvil. In early 1985, the lineup of John Chernack, Keith Pires, James Jensen, and Steve Schley, with Chernack and Pires taking on vocal frontmen duties, changed the band name to Fantom Warior due to the emergence of another New York band using the name Phantom Lord. In March, 1986, Fantom Warior released a five track demo tape containing original material entitled "Morbid Invasion". It was distributed worldwide and was well received by a number of metal magazines in both the US and in Europe. In April, 1987, Fantom Warior was one of nine artists of varying musical genres to appear on a compilation album distributed by Merlin Recording Studios.[4] The record album entitled Merlin Music Presents . . . featured a track from Fantom Warior entitled "E.R.C." (Eat the Rotting Corpse) which did not appear on their "Morbid Invasion" demo. In October, 1987, Fantom Warior released a ten track record album entitled "Fantasy Or Reality", distributed under the band's independent label Token Records.


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- Morbid Invasion
- Power Thrash
- Take No Prisoners
- Power Thrash Metal
- Kill, Rip, Destroy



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