FILTHY CHRISTIANS was formed in 1985. At the time the band was part of the hardcore movement and held gigs all over Sweden. In 1987 the band recorded it's first two demos - the second of which resulted in a split-ep toghether with the swedish band G-ANX. During 1987 the band did a tour of Germany and England where the first contacts with the English record label EARACHE RECORDS were made. By that time the band had made a name as a forceful and brutal live band. The following year (-88), they recorded their third demo which resulted in the band being able to issue itīs debut album from Earache records. At the end of the year, Filthy Christians did a minor Scandinavian tour with NAPALM DEATH and soon after, the band went into studio to start work on the debut album "MEAN". In the same year Swedish television made a programme about grindcore/thrash music in which Filthy Christians was one of the two bands allowed to appear live in the studio. The programme gave the band good publicity. In april 1990 the LP "MEAN" was released and until the autumn of that year the band made many appearances in Sweden. After this the band kept a low profile due to players leaving and military service. One result of the arrival of new members was that the band developed dethmetal sound without, however losing it's personal stamp. At the end of 1991 the band started to make a serious effort again. They started work on new material for the next demo which was recorded at Sunlight Studios Stockholm and produced by Tomas Skogsberg. In 1992 the band released the CDS "NAILED" at the German/American record label WE BITE RECORDS. Soon after this the band broke up.


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1992 DEMO

Pro printed covers with lyrics. White studio tapes.

- Thoughts
- Nailed
- Psychopathia Sexualis
- Sane?



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