Gravferd was formed by Larsen and Strange during the first hours of 95 over a phone call. Larsen got some songs and riffs, and needed a drummer to complete the songs. After lots of tapes sent through mail and weekend-rehearsals once in a while, there was 5 songs ready for the first demo Mjølner i kvitekrists åsyn. In the meantime, a third member, Løw joined in on second guitar and keyboards. This first demo was recorded on a four-track port studio with a very bad production, released in 300 copies. Gravferd signed up for participating on a compilation CD Voices of death p.1 to be released by V.O.D. Records. The first song from the demo was re-recorded and used for the compilation. The production was better but still terrifying. This was the the first recording session for the new vocalist, Abomonator, and bassist, Svalestad. Five new songs were written and recorded for the 2nd demo Av hedensk blod. This time the production was better and pretty suitable + digitally mastered by some guy from the USA calling himself re-masters. It was released in 400 copies (tapes) by an underground record label called Eerie productions. Sold out after a couple of months and re-released on a CD-sampler a bit later together with other demo-tapes released by Eerie prod. One song was also released on the Voices of death p.2 CD. In 1998, løw leaves the band after the recording of the previous demo, and the synth leaves with him. Larsen had written 4 more songs, then roughly rehearsed and roughly recorded, and released in a few copies as a promotape called Nightplay. Four years, 3 demo tapes... it was time to move on. The songwriting became more well-structured and there was songs for one or two albums to pick from the new material by the riffmachine, Larsen. It was time to finance a debut album. This next period was long and quiet with only a few rehearsals/year. Gravferd has been more or less inactive for the last five years due to extreme sports-injuries, work, kids, parties, etc… But finally the band has now started to rehearse more intense than before in new locations with very good recording opportunities and once again with a few line-up changes. The latest presentation of the band is the 2006 promo recording Philosophize which is kind of a “sound check” before the recording of the debut album The One Great Curse. Beside the planning of the debut, Gravferd releases Demonized CD/DigiCD through German record label Northern Silence Productions. Demonized is the early history of Gravferd in three chapters. Still waiting on the debut album.


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Av hedensk blod 1996 Demo
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Xeroxed Covers using a regular tape. Lyrics on back.

- Hymne Til Norsoenn
- Kristenmanns Blod (Skal Flyte)
- Fjerne Minner
- De Tapte Sjelers
- Hev Sverdet
- Paa Nye Tufter