GUT are from Erlenbach, Germany. The project GUT was founded in the year 1991 by Organic Masturbator Of 1000 Splatter Whores aka H.B. Boner aka Hott Beatz Bonassis on drums and Tourterer Of Lacerated And Satanic Tits aka G.Cheezus on guitar. They wanted to show the world their love for grindcore and other extreme styles of music. In the same year G.G. Ollin aka Spermsoaked Consumer Of Pussy Barbeque aka Bukkake Boy , a local friend and writer joined the band as the vocalist. GUT was born. Some months later after two times rehearsing they recorded the first demotape - "Drowning In Female Excrements". In spring 1992 GUT built an improvised 8-track studio in the rehearsal room and recorded there the 16 Songs which were released later on three 7"eps. As the first one came up "Spermanys Most Wanted", next was "Pussyfied/Assified" 7"ep. The third one called "Hyperintestinal Vulva Desecration". In July 1994 GUT entered the studio again to record more new songs for their growing fan base. All this stuff was released on four split 7"eps which were distributed by different underground labels over the year 1994. So GUT had a fine output without overflowing the scene. The band got the capability in summer 1994 to release a full length CD album. Sandro Gessner of Regurgitated Semen Records, a fan from the very beginnin' wanted to realize this project, so GUT entered the studio once again and recorded 39 fabulous tracks.


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Drink Vagina Soup Or Die (Demo 1992)
Gefotzt Gefistelt (Promo Live Demo 1994)
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Xeroxed covers. Regular Tapes.

- Intro
- Bathed in Virgin Blood
- Art of Butchery
- Confessions of a Necrophile
- Morbid Pathology
- Drowned in Blood