Frustrated with the limitations of his previous band Grave Hill, Warrior formed a new band in May 1982. The band was initially called Hammerhead but soon renamed itself Hellhammer. Joining Warrior, now on vocals and guitar, in this new venture was singer and bassist Steve Warrior (ne Urs Sprenger) and drummer Pete Stratton. It soon became clear, however, that Stratton was severely lacking in ability, and in November 1982, he was replaced by ex-Moorhead drummer Bruce Day (ne Jrg Neubart). In June 1983, Hellhammer recorded their first demo on an eight-track studio unit at their rehearsal bunker in Birchwil, Switzerland. A total of 17 songs were recorded over a two day period, with nine of the tracks scheduled to appear on the planned "Death Fiend" demo tape, which eventually was cancelled by the band. But 13 tracks from the recording sessions were packaged as the "Triumph Of Death" demo and unleashed to the metal media. The reaction from the underground press was as extreme as the music. Hellhammer's members decided to adapt additional pseudonyms. Tom Gabriel Warrior became Satanic Slaughter, Steve Warrior chose Savage Damage whilst Day was eventually named Denial Fiend. However, despite the band's new-found international recognition, Hellhammer underwent drastic changes and entered a period of chronically unstable line-ups. The main change was the separation from founding member Steve Warrior due to what Tom Gabriel Warrior subsequently described as his "lack of dedication". Only after recording a new demo in early December of 1983, the union with former Shizo bassist Martin Eric Ain (ne Martin Eric Stricker, a.k.a. Slayed Necros) finally provided some stability. Ain had already been contributing ideas, concepts and lyrics for months. The new demo, "Satanic Rites", contained 10 tracks recorded in just 8 hours. German label Noise Records were impressed enough to offer Hellhammer a three-year record deal. The band entered a Berlin studio in February 1984 to record material for the four-song "Apocalyptic Raids" EP, released in March 1984. Two additional songs from the same session - "Revelations Of Doom" and "Messiah" - were featured on Noise's "Death Metal" compilation album in May of that year. Meanwhile, Metal Blade Records licensed "Apocalyptic Raids" for the USA, simultaneously including Hellhammer's "Satanic Rites" demo track "Crucifixion" on their "Metal Massacre V" compilation.It came as a shock to many in May 1984 when Warrior and Ain proclaimed that Hellhammer had reached its musical limitation and that the concept was too weak to continue. Having dissolved Hellhammer, Warrior and Ain soon announced they had forged a new avant-garde power trio by the name of Celtic Frost.


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Originally spread in 20 printed copies to friends and roadies of the band. All songs were taken from a 17-song session, whereas 13 other songs were used for the "Triumph Of Death" Demo", so some of them were used on both demos.  No lyrics.

- Maniac
- Angel Of Destruction
- Hammerhead
- Bloody Pussies
- Death Fiend
- Dark Warriors
- Chainsaw
- Ready For Slaughter
- Sweet Torment



Originally spread in 200 printed copies. No lyrics.

- Crucifiction
- Maniac
- When Hell's Near
- Decapitator
- Blood Insanity
- Power Of Satan
- Reaper
- Death Fiend
- Triumph Of Death
- Metallic Storm
- Ready For Slaughter
- Dark Warriors
- Hammerhead



200 covers were printed (kinda glossy paper; actual offset printing, not xerox) but less than 200 tapes were copied. No lyrics. Tapes varied. Another cover exists? Need more info

- Intro
- Messiah
- The Third Of The Storms (Evoken Damnation)
- Buried And Forgotten
- Maniac
- Eurynomos
-Triumph Of Death
-Revelations Of Doom
- Reaper
- Satanic Rites
- Crucifixion
- Outro



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