Hideous Mangleus formed in March of 1989. After a few line-up changes within the first couple months, they finalized the roster, which consisted of Sam Biles - Vocals, (Jason) Feev(ey) - Guitars, Joel "Skum" Bonde - Bass and Curt Bonde - Drums. About a year later they recorded their first demo entitled "All Your Friends Are Dead," which, with the help of friends like Chaotic Plague and Deceased among others, started to circulate through the worldwide underground. Between the originality of the band’s name, music and demented title of the demo, it still remains a closet classic to this day, and is still traded via the internet among underground fans old and new alike, and in 2004 much of their early recordings were compiled and reissued in the “Shadows that Kill” CD on Goregiastic Recs (US). What many may not know till now, is that the “All Your Friends are Dead” demo (’90) was actually Hideous Mangleus second attempt at a demo; as mentioned elsewhere, the band tried to put out a demo in the summer/fall of ’89 called “Support the Core”, but unfortunately this demo was never completed due to the four-track that was rented for this recording broke before it could be completed. As a reaction to their failed first attempt they then decided, upon the suggestion of their friends Chaotic Plague, to go to Bob McCutcheons' studio, in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania a few months later to properly record the “…Friends” demo. The band being very pleased with their experience with Bob (McCutcheon) decided to go back to his basement studio to also record their “We Live…You Sleep” EP (Thrash Recs, France), and also the “Unearthing Grandma’s Grave” EP (Ecocentric Recs., Germany); and would have probably gone there again in ’96 to record their “All Your Friends are Dead” full-length CD (Ecocentric Recs., Germany), but the studio was no longer in business. So, that CD was recorded at “Rock House Studios” in Belle Vernon, PA. In this early period and the years that immediately followed, comparisons were made to bands like Repulsion, (early) Terrorizer and (early) Napalm Death due to Hideous’ very crusty approach to their grindcore, and due to their Horror based lyrics and image, they were also accepted by fans of bands, who subsequently were also influences of theirs, like The Misfits, The Accused and Cryptic Slaughter. The title for the “All Your Friends are Dead” ’90 demo came from Sam Biles’ friend Anthony Ortalano (R.I.P.). After making Anthony’s acquaintance, Sam would go over Anthony’s and listen to oldskool punk and hardcore, and play “Blades of Steel” or some other Nintendo games. But, one day Anthony had rented the game “Friday the Thirteenth”; and at the end of the game, when you die, the screen says “You and your friends are Dead”… And Anthony said that sounds like a good title for your crazy band, and the rest is history as they say. If you find that odd, the inspiration for “Burning Children” was an episode of the eighties show “Different Stokes”, but that is another story.Anyway, the “All Your friends are Dead” demo was the beginning point for a band that many regard as terribly underrated and under appreciated for all the great tunes they gave us and for all the newer bands claming them as an influence (Circle of Dead Children, Embalming Theater, etc)

Chaotic Plague
Chaotic Tranquility


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Xeroxed Covers and regular cassettes. Two covers were made. This is the first cover. THIS DEMO WAS NEVER RELEASED.

- Contaminated Future
- Infravision
- Dead Time
- TeenageLeper
- Support the Core
- Nutra Death

This is the SECOND cover which was recycled and used for their Shadows That Kill Release:



Couple of Versions

- Deadtime
- Infravision
- Eldraphobic
- Teenage Leper
- Child Funeral
- Mutiny
- Sickening
- Mutated
- Cranial Disrupture
- Reforming
- Divine Intervention
- Malignant Ignorance
- Body Bag
- Naïve World
- Nutra-Death
- Skullfuck

First version. Early attempt at a cover. THIS WAS NEVER DISTRIBUTED!

Final and Official Version. Covers were copied on a (Black and white) copy machine; and then hand colored by Sam, he  was the artist for the band. The tone varied sometimes due to the various markers used; but the tone in this scan is representative of what the demo cover looked like when colored in. The first 25 tapes had a sticker of their logo (which were on pro grade tapes). The rest were usually Maxell Normal Bias tapes, 90 minutes and did not have any kind of sticker. The regular tapes had "Hideous Mangleus-All Your friends are Dead" '90 demo" handwritten by the band. Lyrics were included on the back but this side was not colored.




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