The band was formed on November 24, 1988, under the first name SACRAMENTO, and the 1985 start change by the Holocaust. This year the group have the following formation n: Fernando (vocals), Steve (guitars), Juan Manuel (bass) and Alex (drummer). That same year Fernando left the band and enters HOLOCAUST, Gabriel Sierra. In 1990 the group decided to publicize their work through a demo-tape, this is called "dead generations," n had great acceptance but did not have a great sound quality or presentation. In 1991 they recorded what will be a second demo of the group that t title "INDUCED OBSESSION 'which only goes to February 1992, in this demo is the best in all aspects: sound and to show improvement strength of the group are incorporated into the recording n live tracks and four subjects in the study. The formation of the band is the same as the first demo. After the departure of the demo, Steve leaves the group, Juan Manuel replaces him on guitar and enters a new bassist called Juan Carlos. This enters in June 1992. In August of that year the group decided to incorporate keyboards into the sound of the Holocaust, for it enters the group Juan Miguel G ngor. The band's sound takes strength. In September 1993, is recorded as being a key player in the history of the group, a single called "inferior." This is a great job at every level but the musical trend of this work is more Thrash Death Doom. This single was the next formation n: Juan Manuel (guitar, vocals), Luis G. (Bass), Juan Miguel (keyboards) and Alex (drummer, vocals).


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Generación Muerte 1990 Demo
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- Humanofobia
- Moribundo
- Postrauma
- Alma y Espíritu
- Postrauma (Live)
- Violentas Pasiones (Live)
- Odio Eterno (Live)
- Inferior (Live)
- La Muerte Salva (Live)
- Humanofobia (Live)
- Instintos Primitivos (Live )