The four piece of lunatics at this time in Immemoreals youth were LordHöfvding on Vox, Blash on 6-string, Grendel 6-stringer and Wouthan behind bars, eh. To call this recording rough is not an understatement, and not even rehearsing before, well not much at least. The outcome could be nothing than a cold Winterbreeze. To follow up this long time soldout (about 100 copies and the last 80 i colour) demotape the horde went for another war at the same place as the Winterbreeze demorecording. "The Age Nocturne" is the name of Immemoreals second demotape, recorded on a porta taperecorder. With the lack of LordAsael who sang on the first demo, Blash did the main vocals and Grendel did some backing vox. The sound was as horrible as a porta recording can be, though some people prefer this sound instead of the crystal clear studio sound. And this was really the thing for the press and fans, some hated it, others praised it. We headed Towards 1347 to get inspiration and well there we found not only 3 songs to be recorded but also two members to complete the lineup. On one half we have GoatN on vocals who were the original singer in Ablaze My Sorrow and now, besides Immemoreal, plays in the growl deathact Deifecation, the guitar. And the other is called AhoOfDeath. Bassplayer and came from a local act just before he jumped in the Immemoreal wagon. With those two reinforcements Immemoreal entered the studio "StudioMega" in 1998 to record what became our ticket to album deal, "Towards 1347" demotape were given good rates and people started to understand that Immemoreal is a band to count on! Shortly after we had this tape sent out to labels, zines and fans we signed a deal with Blackend records. vThe same force that entered the studio for the Towards1347 recording once again entered the StudioMega to put the Temple Of Retribution album on tape for Blackendrecords. This happened in the spring of 2000. The album however didn"t hit the market until a year after.


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TOWARDS 1347 1999 DEMO

Pro printed covers. Tapes had stickers on the shell. No lyrics

- Intro
- A nightmare scenario
- Dream enchanter
- The age nocturne




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