Impetigo was formed in July of 1987 by Stevo (bass/vocals) and Mark (guitar). Soon after that they added Dan on drums and the line-up was complete for the time being. In November of 1987 they released their live demo titled "All We Need Is Cheez" . This gathered some attention in the underground and showed the band in their earliest days as being a more extreme metallic hardcore band with elements of grindcore in the mix. For the next year and a half, the band was busy writing new material and playing some local shows. Over this time period the music was progressing to a much heavier style and the band thought it was best to add a second guitarist to help give them a sicker and more brutal sound. So, in February of 1989 they added Scotty as a second guitarist. It was an easy addition as Scotty had been Mark's roommate through most of college. Next, in May of 1989 the band entered KJ Productions 8 track studio and did their only studio demo to date. This was the infamous "Giallo" demo. The demo presented the band as a much heavier and sicker outfit with a mixture of crude death metal, grindcore and a touch of noisecore. The band increased it's following in the underground and the demo received a good response in most of the underground scene. This led to the band being offered a deal from Wild Rags Records and the band signed a one LP deal with them. With the deal complete the band entered Creative Spaces studio in Bloomington, IL and began work on their debut LP. The LP was recorded and mixed in February and January of 1990 and was finally ready to go. Then the band ran into some trouble with the cover art for both the LP and cassette, which featured graphic scenes of cannibalism, castration, torture, rape, dismemberment and full frontal nudity. First the Bloomington/Normal town council saw some of the artwork on flyers and labeled it as pornography and secondly Wild Rags Record's printers refused to print the art fearing they could get into some kind of legal trouble. There were originally two different covers done, one for the LP and one for the cassette, but both were never used. This left the band with no choice but to come up with a new cover, so again Stevo drew the cover, but this time it was not so extreme as to assure it could be used. The idea for two different covers was scrapped at this point and the cassette and LP were released with the same cover. Finally the debut LP "Ultimo Mondo Cannibale" was released in November of 1990. The LP was pretty well received by the underground and has sold quite well world wide. At one point it even reached number 96 on the CMJ radio chart.



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Xeroxed covers. Regular tapes. Lyrics enclosed. Live recording from Oct. 24, 1987

- Who's Fucking Who?
- Mr. Ed
- My Lai
- Morticia's Frump - Bad Dreams
- All Night Dragnet
- Hey Jeff, What's Up?
- Creditors Retribution
- The Belch
- Revenge of the Scabby Man
- I Hate You (Verbal Abuse cover)
- Harbinger of Death
- Disgracing the Family Name



Xeroxed covers. Regular tapes. Lyrics enclosed. Seen red covers as well.

- Intro / Jane Fonda Sucks / HBO Theme / Who's Fucking Who?
- Bitch Death Teenage Mucous Monster From Hell
- Dear Uncle Creepy...
- Venereal Warts
- Heart of Illinois
- Revenge of The Scabby Man
- My Lai



1990 PROMO

Xeroxed covers. Regular tapes. Lyrics enclosed.

- Revenge of the Scabbyman
- Dear Uncle Creepy
- Zombie
- Dis-Organ-Ized
- Heart of Illinois
- Bad Dreams
- Maggots



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