Inquisicion was born in June 1993, when Manolo Shafler, at that time member of Torturer, decided to form a parallel Heavy Metal project with drummer Carlos Hernández .At the end of that year, Santa Inquisicion (its original name) worked thanx to the help of a temporary bass player. After some shows as a trio, they finally found Freddy Alexis (former Panzer singer) in the winter of '94. By those days, Schafler left Torturer to dedicate himself entirely to his new band. By the beginning of 1995 band's name was shortened to Inquisicion. In February they went into the studio to record four songs that became their first Demo. This tape was press and fan acclaimed and it sold out very quick. Thus they started to promote themselves playing very often and recording Mayday's Eve video clip. After a long period of not official bass player they met, Cristian Maturana (former Psikis leader), who joined the band in early 1996. The lay of the foundations of a solid base was born and it last till nowadays. 1996 was an important year for Inquisicion. The band was awarded by Chilean especialized press and they played along the country. To seal a successful season, Schafler and Co. entered the studio again in October to record Steel Vengeance, Inquisicion's debut album.


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1995 DEMO

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- Mayday´s Eve
- Bats in the Bellfry
- Holy Fire
- The Dreamquest of the Unknown Aval



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