Jag Panzer was formed in the early 80's by high school students Harry Conklin, John Tetley, Mark Briody and Rick Hilyard. Known by the name 'Tyrant', the young musicians became popular on the local club circuit by playing original songs along with metal classics by Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Rainbow. Tapes of the band's original music were often requested, so the guys decided it was time to enter a recording studio. Late one evening in May 1981, the band booked 3 hours at a small 4-track studio and emerged with their first demo - a cassette featuring one song entitled 'Tower of Darkness'. Studio recording proved to be very enjoyable for the musicians, so they booked time 5 months later at a larger 8-track studio. This studio session would yield two songs which would become Jag Panzer classics - 'Battle Zones' and 'The Crucifix'. This new two song demo caught the eye of fanzine editor Andrew Banks. Andrew returned from Los Angeles with good news - 2 record labels, Azra Records and Metal Blade Records were both impressed with the demo tapes. However, there was also a bit of bad news, it turned out that a long established California band was also called Tyrant. A name change was in order. The young musicians mulled over contract offers from both labels while at the same time searching for a new band name. A book was found at the local library which showed a large aggressive looking tank called a Jagdpanzer. They liked the name but felt that it may be difficult to pronounce for people in America. The 'd' was dropped in the name and the band officially became 'Jag Panzer'. The contract from Azra Records offered color covers for both releases (rare at the time, most indies did only black and white) so the band signed a deal with them for 1 e.p. and 1 album. The band entered Startsong Studios in 1982 to record their first release - a five song untitled e.p. The band planned to re-record the 2 demo tracks plus 3 new songs. It was a decided that a move to Los Angeles would be most beneficial for the band's career. In early 1983, they packed up their belongings and headed for the west coast. The Los Angeles move proved to be unsuccessful for the band. For no release on the shelves yet, little equipment and a very uncommerical sound, gigs were impossible to get. It was during rehearsals in Los Angeles that the band realized that they needed an additional guitarist to enhance their sound. Joey auditioned and blew the guys away with his aggressive tone and fast fluid melodic solos. Jag Panzer was now a five piece band. The e.p. was released in 1983 and immediately became a favorite of the underground metal scene. The untitled record become known among fanzines as 'The Tyrants E.P.'. The band moved back to Colorado in late 1983 to begin working on their first full length album. No covers were released with the 1985 and 1986 demos


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1986 Shadow Thief Demo
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Printed covers. Tapes had printed stickers on the shell. No lyrics.

- Over the Edge
- Ring of Widows
- Eve of Penance
- The Clown
- G.MV.407


1993 DEMO

Printed one panel covers. Nothing on back. Dubbed tapes

- The Clown
- G.MV.407




Printed two panel covers. Tapes had printed stickers on the shell. No lyrics.

- Future Shock
- Ready to Strike
- Shadow Thief




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