This Peruvian band started in 1984 under the name of MURDER. In 1985 changed its name to KRANIUM. After a series of changes in its ranks with a good reputation already achieved, the band released their first demo in 1991 called Society or Dirt. In 1992 they released their second demo Inner World. In 1994 edited a compilation of his songs live. Shortly after the band experiments, adding to its instruments of Peruvian folklore music style, so getting a new sound that is reflected in 1996 with his now classic EP Two smiles. They were gaining the interest of Swedish Plasmatica Records label and signed a contract to make an album late 1999.


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1992 Live Tape

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1992 DEMO

This is the first official demo of the band, with a death metal style and with Spanish lyrics in the vocals by Manuel "Occult" Fernández. Pro printed covers. Regular tapes.

- En Contra de Uno
- Mundo Interior
- Sociedad o Suciedad?
- Desangre
- Intro
- Cirrosis
- Ignorancia de un Líder
- Castro Castro (Penal)



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