San Francisco Heavy Metal act LZ ROCKIT vyed for attention amidst a wave of Thrash Metal bands, unfortunately having their profile suffer simply because of timing. The band was formed by vocalist Michael Coons and guitarist Aaron Jellum who stole second guitarist Phil Kettner from a rival local outfit. The inaugural bass player Dave Starr actually named the band, after the LAWS (Light Anti-tank Weapons System) rocket sci-fi weapon in the Clint Eastwood movie) as in their formative days they were called DEPTH CHARGE. Having added drummer Victor Agnello to the ranks, LZ ROCKIT replaced Starr in 1983 with Willy Lange (Langenhuizen) following a support slot to RATT. Starr created power trio BLACK LEATHER before joining VICIOUS RUMOURS. Studio sessions in 1983 resulted in the demos 'Prelude To Death' and 'Rock Forever'. LZ ROCKIT was originally signed to RATT manager Marshall Berle's Timecoast label, but Berle disbanded the company once his charges had been picked up by Atlantic Records, leaving the door open for Mark Leonard's Target concern to sign the group, releasing the debut 'City's Gonna Burn' album in September 1984.


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1983 DEMO

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- Intro
- Prelude to Death
- Black Leather
- Silent Scream



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