Black Death metal band formed around 1989 and released several demos. In 1991 they released their debut demo, nearly 3 years later, after some internal issues had been cleared up, the band launched a true follow-up demo, the underground staple 'Return From Death', in April of 1994. Much had changed over the course of time, but the drive and passion was still very much the same. The duo this time entered a local studio, and performed the parts much as they did on the first effort; both sharing vocal and guitar solo duties, and Chris playing the rhythm guitars and drums - this time, on a real drum kit, albeit a rather shabby one. This recording became well known in the underground circuit and is still a sought after relic of the past. A couple of years following the release of the '94 demo, the duo parted ways. Sometime later they reformed and are still active.

Demi Sorcerer

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1991 DEMO

Xerox cover with a regular tape.

- The Apostasy (Intro)
- Return from Death
- Voids of Twisted Garrulity
- Pentagramical Evocation (Into Rites)
- Nocturnus Dominus
- Raised Are the Flags of Blasphemy
- Ascend from Blackened Skies
- Deicidal Execrations
- Morbid Darkness (Outro)



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