Formed in 1992 in the backwoods of County Durham by three likeminded death metal fans Chris Newby,Steve Gillham and Wallis Hodgson. The band started writing songs in Chris's bedroom before starting to rehearse in the local village hall where they started to write their first songs as a 3 piece at this point there was no bassist or 2nd guitarist. The band wrote a few songs with this line up before they were joined by two other likeminded local death metallers Garry Barker and Shaun Broughton. With this line up the band located to a proper rehearsal studio where they completed a few more songs which were to feature on the bands debut demo "As My Suffering Grows" which was recorded in the spring of 1993. They released this demo soon after and got extremely positive feedback and responses from the worldwide underground death metal/tape trading scene. In November of 1993 they entered Uncle Sam's studio in Newcastle where they recorded the follow up to the first demo "Reflections Remain" which showed how much the band had progressed and matured in just the space of half a year. This demo also received an excellent response from the worldwide death metal scene and the band got rave reviews in the underground fanzine network. The band also recorded two promo videos for this demo which were released some time later. The band began to write more new material from early-mid 94 which took on a more blackened death metal direction which was heavily influenced by the sound of a then young and upcoming Swedish band Dissection. The band continued to play live and showcased some of this new material with the original line up but in October 1994 Steve decided to quit the band due to personal/musical differences, Wallis also quit the band soon after leaving just three members left. The band continued and in 1995 recorded the 3rd demo as a 3 piece, the more black/death sounding "Invoking the Storms" which saw Garry take over main vocal duties a swell as bass and some guitar, the band promoted this demo but later that year the band put into the grave.

Blessed Realm

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Xerox covers. Black Tapes

- Apparitions
- Morbid Ceremonies
- In Memorium for the Dead
- Shrouded in Misery
- Graven Images



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