The band was formed during the latter part of 1992 by Anders Jakobson (guitar) and Rickard Alriksson (drums/vocals) as a sideproject to the death metal band Necrony. The idea was to create true grindcore in the old Napalm Death style, no gore/porno-shit, just straight political grindcore. A couple of songs were written, but nothing really happened with the band. Spring 1993: Necrony's homelabel, German Poserslaughter Records offered Nasum to share a 7" EP with Australian goregrinders Blood Duster. Nasum accepted the offer, but in time the record turned out to be a Nasum/Agathocles split-7" EP. Inspired by Sweden's Regurgitate the next event in Nasum history was to record a demo, after two split-7" EP:s and two compilations! With a possibility to make a recording for free in a local studio, ten songs were written in a rush, and together with two re-recordings from the first two recordings and two covers, the songs were recorded as the "Domedagen" demo in November 1994. Since the recording was made in co-operation with unexperienced students learning to be sound engineers, the sound turned out dark and muddy and obviously half of the new material turned out bad because of the rush. After two and a half years it was finally time for a record of their own as Poserslaughter Records offered a MCD. In February 1995 Nasum went to Unisound for the last time to record eighteen songs; twelve brand new ones and six re-recordings of the best songs from the "Domedagen" demo. One different detail from the previous recording was that fifteen of the songs included Swedish lyrics, although Nasum used lyrics in their native language on three tracks on the demo. The title of the MCD was "Industrislaven".




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1994 DEMO

Xeroxed covers which folded out and reveled the lyrics. Tapes varied

- Cut to Fit
- Forcefed Opinion
- Domedagen
- Left in a Dream
- Distortion & Disinformation
- Stalemate (Napalm Death cover)
- Bag
- Revolution
- What's "Life"?
- Think
- Verklighetsflykt
- Face Obliteration
- Enough!
- Dom Styr Våra Liv (Mob 47 cover)



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