Progressive death doom metal band Renaissance formed back in November 1991 by Chriss Ons (guitar) who decided to leave the band he was in at the time, Chronic Death. His band mates Dirk Vollon (bass) and Jürgen De Wispelare (drums) joined the new project, followed by Domingo Smets (guitar). The idea was to musically break out of restraining thrash/death metal sound and to incorporate more harmonic content & epic song structure into the songwriting, something which seemed impossible if staying in Chronic Death. The band set out to rehearse and by early ‘92 had some song ideas together, most of which would wind up on the bands debut demo Archway later that year. By late ‘92 The band got offered a split 7” EP (with the band Ancient Rites) on a small Belgian label, After Dark Records, and used the demo track “Windows” for that release. Meanwhile the band had also been brought to the attention of Hans de Wyngaert of the new label Shiver Records. A deal to release the 13 minute epic track “Tired Blood / Vaudeville” (split over 2 sides) on a 7” single was signed in early ‘93. Both EP’s sold really well, yet while keeping on searching to find new band members, it was mainly Chriss who, assisted by Dirk, would continue writing new material using a small 4 track recorder. Despite the fact that it looked like the trio Chriss/Dirk/Santiago had become a studio project until other musicians were found, Shiver records offered them a CD deal. During the summer of ‘93, about a year after the bands first demo; Chriss and Dirk recorded a 40-minute piece called “The Death Of Art”.

Chronic Death


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Full color one-sided semi-glossy color cover. Also includes b&w insert that had lyrics. Studio tapes.

- Industrial
- Windows
- Tired Blood - Vaudeville

ARCHWAY 1992 DEMO LYRIC SHEET - Large fold out that had the band picture on back



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