REVENANT was formed in Northern New Jersey (U.S.) in the spring of 1986 by bassist John Pratscher and guitarist-vocalist Hank Veggian, the former of whom developed the band's conceptual framework. The original line-up of John Pratscher (bass), Hank Veggian (guitar/vocals), John McEntee (guitar) and Joe Fregenti (drums) was completed in 1987 and entered the studio to record the band's first demo cassette. The demo, entitled "Beyond the Winds of Sorrow," was sold in local record stores as the band built up a following among fans of underground heavy metal in the New York/ New Jersey area. The band performed its first live concert in August of that same year and later began playing shows on a regular basis at area clubs. It was during this period that the New Jersey/New York underground metal scene first took shape, as groups such as Prime Evil, Immolation, Ripping Corpse, and REVENANT began playing shows together on the local club circuit. REVENANT recorded a second demo tape in 1988. Entitled "Asphyxiated Time" the tape featured new material that expanded on both the band's metal and hardcore roots (the band often played cover songs by C.O.C. and Agnostic Front as well as songs by metal favorites such as Sepultura and Celtic Frost). John Pratscher left the group in 1988 and was temporarily replaced in the fall of that year when REVENANT played concerts with Morbid Angel and Immolation in New Rochelle, New York and Long Island. Tim Scott joined the band as its new permanent bassist in the late fall/winter of 1987. Drummer Joe Fregenti left the group following a concert in the Pittsburgh area in during that same period. Despite playing several local concerts with new drummer Jon Regan in the spring of that year, the band temporarily ended its work when John McEntee left the band to form Incantation in the summer of 1989. Tim Scott and Hank Veggian spent the summer of 1989 writing new material and trying to forge a faster, more technical style of songwriting. Older songs such as "Asphyxiated Time", "Ancestral Shadows", "Degeneration" and "Spawn" were re-written and new songs such as "Distant Eyes" were conceived. REVENANT returned with a new line-up in the fall of 1989 with the addition of Will Corcoran (drums) and David Jengo (guitar). A period of intensive rehearsals and song writing resulted in a new demo cassette in November, 1989 and a concert opening for Napalm Death and at their first ever North American show in New Rochelle, N.Y.I. Two songs - "Distant Eyes" and "Degeneration" - from the 1989 demo were released as a 7-inch by Thrash Records (Fr). The band began touring more extensively, and in the summer of 1990 REVENANT joined Ripping Corpse and Morbid Angel on the road in the U.S. REVENANT was signed to based Nuclear Blast (Ger) records in late 1990 and the song "Degeneration" was released on the first volume of the label's "Death is Just the Beginning" compilation series. In January of 1991 the band recorded its debut "Prophecies of a Dying World" CD at Quantum studios in Jersey City, N.J. The result was an experimental nine song venture which summed up the group's songwriting from 1986-1990.


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Regular Xeroxed covers and dubbed cassettes. Lyrics included.

- Tyrannical Nightmare
- Tryst Of The Valkyrie
- Cataleptic Spirits
- Transcending A World Of Shadow
- Rigor Mortis Waltz


1988 DEMO

Also known as the Asphyxiated Time Demo. Stickers on the shell of the cassettes. No lyrics. Thanks and band info on back. Printed covers

- Intro/Future End
- Asphyxiated Time
- Fear
- Decent Into Decadence



1990 DEMO

Printed covers. Tapes varied. Nothing on back..

- Distant Eyes
- Asphyxiated Time
- Degeneration




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