This Canadian act started back in late 1983 when two guitarists Rob Urbinati and Joe Rico. Shortly after they recruited drummer Andrew Banks and started covering material from PRIEST, SABBATH etc as they were still learning how to play. Eventually they got in touch with Joe’s old school friend, Scott Watts to play bass and he introduced them to drummer, Craig Boyle who replaced Banks. The outfit was also joined by local singer, John Baldy. It didn’t take long for the band to understand the importance of the ever growing underground and a demo/ rehearsal featuring "The Four Horsemen", "Turn In Your Grave" and "Warriors Of Death" (live) got spread around, introducing this newer thrashing act to local hungry Speed/ Thrash Metal fans. By early 1985, another rehearsal/ demo featuring the likes of "The Four Horsemen", "Violence And Force", "Creeping Death" and "Turn In Your Grave" found its way in the tape trading circle, helping to create a bit of buzz in the underground. After this they told Craig and John that SACRIFICE would be going in a heavier direction with Rob taking over on vocals as they weren’t satisfied with John, but in the process Craig left as well. the band got a phone call from a guy named Gus Pynn. From the first minute he practiced with the band, he became evident that he was finally the right man for the job, sharing the same influences as the other members and wanting to go in the same musical direction. With that revamped line up SACRIFICE played some more local shows, sharing many times the stage with other new local thrashing heroes, SLAUGHTER, both bands becoming real close friends. Incidentally, Brian Taylor from the Hardcore local act, YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH, and employee at the Record Peddler store in Toronto who had just recorded SLAUGHTER’s “Surrender Or Die” demo offered the same deal to SACRIFICE whom they immediately agree with. As a result, the legendary eight song demo, “The Exorcism”, was cut at the Accusonic studio on June 16th 1985. With this demo, the buzz developed even more and the band name got often cited alongside the likes of DEATH, HIRAX, NYC MAYHEM, C.O.C. etc. By the Autumn of 1985, the band were entering the Future Sound studio with Diabolic Force’s head, Brian Taylor, as producer to record their first album, “Torment In Fire”. While waiting for “Torment In Fire“ to be issued (which finally happened during mid 1986), SACRIFICE continued to work hard and within a couple of weeks a bunch of new songs were completed by late 1985, the band having decided to move away from the supposed SLAYER similarities and tried to develop a sound more of their own, with bands such as MERCYFUL FATE, TROUBLE or EXODUS being mentioned as new influences. By July 1986 they entered a small basement studio, Open Sound studio, and recorded quickly for about $200 a seven song demo just to hear the new songs on tape and to figure out what they needed to tighten up in that new material. They would also put the tapes out to traders to create a buzz for their next album. A cover of “The Possibility Of Life’s Destruction” from U.K.’s legendary Punk/Hardcore band DISCHARGE was part of this new tape, confirming the fact that this style was another influence for SACRIFICE, something that had already had transpired while listening to “Decapitation” and “Possession” on “Torment In Fire”.



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This is the only demo with a cover. First official demo. Xeroxed covers. Came with a lyric sheet.

- The Shining
- Sacrifice
- Turn In Your Grave
- Burned At The Stake
- The Exorcism
- Decapitation
- Warrior Of Death
- Beyond Death



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