The band was formed in august 1990 by brothers Kræn and Lukas Meier, guitar and drums respectively. They emerged from the, back then, very active part of southern Jutland; the Esbjerg/Ribe area, which was home of instance Invocator, Maceration, and Caustic as well as several metal publications (Laceration, Sacroformity, Vicious). Sacrificial soon caused a lot of stir in the international metal underground with their debut demo "Lords Of Torment", which did very well among the demo-buying metal audience, and enthusiastic tape traders. The band soon gained a record deal on a local company, Trechoma Productions.  In 1993 Sacrificial issued their debut album "Forever Entangled" . The album was produced by the band themselves in cooperation with Jacob Hansen, and contained some harsh deaththrash. Focus was put on both aggressiveness as well as technical skills. The album was well received, especially in Germany and USA, and of course in Denmark. Sadly the record company didn't have the financial and promotional means to support the potential of Sacrificial properly and soon the label stopped and Sacrificial was all of a sudden without a record deal. One year after the release of "Forever Entangled" Sacrificial played at Europe's biggest rock-festival, Roskilde Festival , with great success, and later in the same year they released the demo tape "Sadistic Slam . After this, the vocalist, John Hansen, left the band and moved to Copenhagen. Despite including a new singer and bassist and releasing a demotape "Authority..?" the band broke up in 1996.


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1990 Rehearsal
1991 Rehearsal
Sadistic Slam 1994 Demo
Authority..? 1996 Demo
b.r.i.e.f 1999 Demo
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Pro printed four panel covers with lyrics on back. first official Studio demo. Chrome black Tapes.

- Lords Of Torment And Perdition
- The Final Burial
- Ray Of Obscenity
- Seasons Of The Reaper


1993 PROMO

Pro printed two panel covers. Chrome black Tapes. No lyrics. It's a pre production demo for their album on Trechoma Productions

- Conducted Strain
- Thus I Cry
- Destitute Of Compassion
- I Fall Into Temptation



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