Sarcófago (Portuguese for "sarcophagus") was formed in 1985 in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Equally indebted to early extreme metal groups such as Bathory, Celtic Frost, Slayer, and Finnish hardcore punk, Sarcófago's goal was to create the most aggressive music ever. Wagner Lamounier, who parted acrimoniously from Sepultura in March of that same year, was invited to join the band. Although Sepultura never recorded anything with Lamounier, he contributed the lyrics to the song "Antichrist" on their Bestial Devastation EP. Sarcófago's vinyl debut was on the Cogumelo Produções split album Warfare Noise, originally released in 1986. Sarcófago contributed the three tracks "Recrucify", "The Black Vomit" and "Satanas". Their music and lyrics were considered shocking at the time, something that brought them a considerable amount of attention. The band's line-up at that point consisted of "Butcher" (guitars), "Antichrist" (Lamounier; vocals), "Incubus" (Geraldo Minelli; bass) and "Leprous" (Armando Sampaio; drums). With new drummer "D.D. Crazy"—hailed as a pioneer in the metal world for his extensive use of blast beats on this album—Sarcófago released I.N.R.I in July 1987. The band's attire on the album's cover—corpsepaint, leather jackets, and bullet belts—is considered the first definite statement of black metal's visual presentation and style. The music has been equally influential, a milestone in the development of the genre.


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Sepultado 1987 Demo
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Xeroxed covers. Regular Tapes. Contains the Funeral Rehearsal on side B. Need more info.

- Intro
- Satanas
- Nightmare
- Third Slaughter
- Funeral Rehearsal (untitled tracks)


1987 DEMO

Xeroxed covers. Regular Tapes. Also known as the INRI or Christs Death demo. First of two versions. Usually comes w/ a title insert and the backs of the cover are stamped w/ their band address

- Christ's Death
- Desecration of Mary
- Satanic Lust

Second Version: Exact same layout but has the words INRI on the cover along w/ the picture.


1989 DEMO

Xeroxed covers. Regular Tapes. Contains Christs Death Demo on side B. Bootleg?? Need more info.

- The Lust
- Alcoholic Coma
- Rotting
- Tracy
- Christ's Death
- Desecration of Mary
- Satanic Lust



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