Sargatanas is born in the beginning of 1986 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, as a consequence of an infernal desire of express and spread a musical message. Miguel O. Drums/Vocals, Jorge M. Bass guitar/Vocals and Lord Sargatanas guitars.  After some time for an unexpected motive there was a relocation of the band been renewed in Guadalajara, Jalisco.  Already in with a new alignment, constituted by Manuel H. (Bass guitar/Vocals), Urantial's Emperor (Drums) and Lord Sargatanas (guitars), this last one as the only original member of the beginning of this bestial horde. In 1995 itís recorded their only demo at a professional level, called "Sargatanas". After some time Manuel H. Leaves the band being substituted by Anathama's God, by this time the band had already an offer from the label Wild Rag's Records (U.S.A.), to re-edit the demo "Sargatanas" on MCD format. At this date there was starting to talk and get to a deal with Nazgul's Eyrie Productions from Germany, to sign a contract for a CD under there division of Conquistador Records of this label, of which would be produced and recorded in that same year in the winter of 1996.


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1997 Demo
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1995 DEMO

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- Eternal Darkness
- Satanist
- Sargatanas



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