SOLITARY was formed in October of 1996. However, the name reaches November of 1993 when two people who link these phenomena of the contemporary underground stage: Tomasz Brodowski - percussion and Rafal Januszczyk - bass. In deed, Solitary was a phenomenon of Polish underground; loved by most and hated by many. In 1994 SOLITARY put out a demo, called 'midwinter'. Their music was said to have blundered toward Heavy Doom Metal climate. This album earned huge popularity among underground audience, it received positive reviews in press and broadcasts. Due to personal problems SOLITARY announced a hiatus in 1995. Tomek and Rafal looked for new musicians and in October of 1996 a completely new musical concept emerged. Group had a new sound: woman became vocalist, violinist affixes, group invited also guest keyboard players. In January of 1997 SOLITARY went on tour. They took part in few festivals: 'Zgrzyty', 'Wojewodzki Przegląd Zespołów Rockowych', 'Fiesta Borealis', 'Metal Monsters Festoval'. In June they released a demo, 'Chansons de geste', which was well accepted by both fans and critics. SOLITARY was winning more and more fans not just in the country but also abroad. Their music was broadcast in radio stations and local TV station. In the summer of 1998,the band recorded their material on mini LP Love Death Dance.


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- Dawn (Intro)
- Someone a Lonely (Instrumental)
- Season of Disdain
- Dumb Dance
- Pride (Secret Love)
- Above
- Voyage into Comprehension
- Midwinter
- Twilight (Outro)



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