Temperance started out from the ashes of the band No Remorse, which had been running as a band since late-88. TEMPERANCE was founded by the two brothers Fredde and B-häng. At this time they were pretty tired of all the stuff that followed the early band NO REMORSE. The music took another direction, more into the deathier terrorway. The name didn't felt right anymore, and a new bass player entered the band as well. Temperance was now born. So, in march it was really time to hit the studio. The recording of the first demo took place in a studio outside Växö/Sweden. The tape was recorded and mixed in 2 days on a 24-channel mixer and the result was the 3-track demo named "Hypnoparatized". The demo was released shortly after it was recorded, and it went down very fast and really well in the underground. It reached good response all over, and it sold really well. Shiver records were born and TEMPERANCE were the first band getting an offer for a 7" from the label. The band went into the same studio and recorded 2 new trax. Released a CD in 1995.


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Printed covers. Recorded onto white studio tapes. Lyrics included

- End Of The World
- Hypnoparatized
- Guardians Of Morality