It's kind of an unusual set of circumstances, but the band's "official" name was "Thee Final Chaptre", The demo was entitled "It is Written", but there was such a rush to have the cover art approved, and get reels over to mastering plant, and to manufacturing, that someone "dropped the ball", so to speak on the proof-reading process. After over a year of rehearsing and doing live shows, we had found out the name "Final Chapter" was already trade marked. So as not to alienate our following, we changed the spelling of the name, and it was then trademarked as "Thee Final Chaptre". Melodic christian metal band formed in 1990 from Louisiana. Members were Andrew "Tripp" Whittington - Vocals, Gary Michael Wilson - Lead/Rhythm/Acoustic Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer, Backing Vocals, David Osbourne - Thunderous Drums, Keyboards, Backing Vocals, and Paul "Rock" Starnes - 5-String Bass, 4-String Bass, Fretless Bass, Backing Vocals.



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1991 DEMO

Pro printed six panel glossy covers. Pro printed tapes. Lyrics on back of cover. There were some "demos" put in circulation with the original spelling as "The Final Chapter", before this was corrected, and additional cassettes were introduced to the market. These were the cassettes that had the W.E.I. Records label, etc. on them. If my memory serves me right, there was a third batch (possibly the last reproductions) that carried a "bar code" on the J-Card of the sleeve. I know from contact with fans abroad that "very-many" bootlegs, and black market copies of this were in existence either currently, or at some point over the last 19 years! Although I can't speak for their quality, I can speak for the integrity and the heart and hope that was put into this project. - Band

- Day After Day
- The Key
- The Hallowed Hymn
- Come as You Are
- All For One
- Don't Let it Run You Down



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