The story of UNBORN began in spring 1989. There were some personal changes in a metal band called AMEN. The guitarist Mariusz "Wolf" Sosnicki and the drummer Wojciech "Borek" Tucholski stay in the band. The bass guitarist Piotr "Snake" Tomaszewski and guitarist Bogdan "Gawron" Gawronski decide to leave AMEN. In their place come bass guitarist Dariusz "Manian" Krzyszczak and guitarist Andrzej "Szwagier" Kucner (also supporting vocal and composing music). Mariusz takes over vocal from previous bass guitarist and composes music. Lyrics are written by Dariusz. That's how UNBORN had been created. UNBORN practices and gives some concerts getting ready to record its first demo tape. The drummer leaves and a temporary new one is found by Krzysztof "Docent" Raczkowski who previously played with Mariusz "Wolf" Sosnicki in a rock band SKANDAL and some time later a metal band DYKTATOR. In March 1990 a demo tape "UNBIRTHDAY" is recorded. In spite of lack of hi-tech equipment in the studio (which leaves its mark on the tape) demo received a very warm welcome in the underground and there are positive reviews of it. UNBIRTHDAY is a success and the band is being noticed. Luck cannot last too long. UNBORN needs its own drummer in order to maintain its activities. Krzysztof cannot stay in UNBORN, because he already plays in two other bands : VADER and SLASHING DEATH. It's 1991. Andrzej leaves UNBORN and his place is taken over by young and talented Jacek "Gunny" Organisciuk. UNBORN plays gigs having no mercy for Krzysztof. Even though they often invite drummers to their practice room to listen to them - they are not able to appoint new drummer for the band - none of the drummer is good enough comparing to Krzysztof. Bad luck continues - Jacek leaves UNBORN, too. For a short period of time the band plays as a trio. Finally, in 1993 personal troubles are over. The new drummer is Bartek "Baran" Baranowski. Young drummer proves to be worthy and he makes UNBORN eager to achieve real success.  The band also has a new guitarist. Ryszard "Suchy" Suchto contributes his compositions which makes music of UNBORN even more interesting. The band practices a lot feeling real good to belong to UNBORN and making finishing touches before recording a new LP. At the end of 1993 all music for a new LP is ready to be recorded in the studio.



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Xerox covers and recorded onto regular tapes. No lyrics

- Drink His Health (R.I.B.)
- Buried In The Sea
- The Armageddon
- Clean Your TEETH!



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