Valhall is a Norwegian stoner/doom metal band. In the summer of 1987, Kenneth and Ronny Sorkness met Gylve Fenriz Nagell for the very first time. Gylve had just moved into the neighborhood where the Sorkness brothers had their summerhouse. This young “lad” had the same taste in music as these two “metal-heads”, and soon found out that they were tuned to the same frequency. Gylve had enough music equipment to start a band and he also had plans to start that band for a long time. Soon after, Valhall was born and Kenth Robin Olsen, a classmate of Kenneth, joined in. The following years were characterized by hard work, rehearsing and recording. In 1988 their first demo saw the light and was titled “Castle of Death”. The music style was a kind of thrash metal with a black metal sound. Shortly after their first release, they recruited Lars Brede Jensen on guitar - who was also a childhood friend. Valhall continued to rehearse in Gylve’s basement and in 1989 released a new demo entitled “Amalgamation”. The style was a kind of hardcore/funcore. But one day in 1989 Gylve left Valhall to concentrate on his commitment with Darkthrone. A later demo was released in 1991 - “Pagan Token” - on which Gylve stepped in as a session drummer. The years from 1989 to 1993 were a period with many changes of band members. Thomas Berglie(Khold) joined in 1989. Erik Lancelot (Ulver) replaced Thomas in the spring of 1992. Erik left the band, and K. J. Lervåg(Paradigma) became the new drummer. Even Kenth Robin and Lars Brede left. But in the spring of 1993 Gylve called and asked if he could join Valhall again and things restarted.



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Castle of Death 1989 Demo
Trauma 1990 Demo
Pagan token 1991 Demo

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Regular numbered covers with regular tapes.

- Texas Tune
- Valhall
- Phoenix
- Rubber Duck
- Rearrange



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