Huge Thanks goes out to:
Martin Madelid, Dave Wills, John Horton, Danny from Malignancy, King of Deceased, Evenfiel, Annibal F, Joe Giannetti, Joel, Gunther, Pagan Belial, Karen, Shawn, Nicola from Italy, Reuben of NeseBlod Records, Pierre-Marc from Canada, Vincent from Acheron, Blakk from Angelkill, Pascal Manderon, Kasper, Ola Malmstrom and Sorcery, Bill and Ritual Sacrifice, Dave Rotten, Corpse of Sammath, Jeff Vomit, Peter Giorgianni, Jeff JIGS, Roger from Holland, Dr Carlsson, Prosciptor, Frido, Andy and Skyforger, Sam and Hideous Mangleus, Lars and Lobotomy, Ken Escobedo, Sakis and Rotting Christ,, Rodrigo Jimenez, Andrey, Piotr Bojka, Curt King of Demolish Mag, Demonphil, RONAN from Psychopathological Zine, H, Tomi Tornqvist, Josh Brown, Drowned from MA, Petri, CR69, Martin Ziegler, Fred Senkel, Mike Salamone, Dani/Revenge, Colin Kock, Matt Witchclan, Francisco Colorado, Grav of Orcrist, The Blood of Christ, MacK, Georges, BlazeCraft, David Avila, Julien, Fred Reuters and all the bands!