Talisphere (Usa)
Tankard (Ger)
Tarland (Pol)
Taxidermist (Usa)
Tears of Ea (Fra)
Temperance (Swe)
Tenebrae (Fin)
Tenebrae (Can)
Tenebrarum (Col)
Tenebris (Pol)
Terata (Usa)
Teratogenic (Eng)
Teratoma (Spa)
Terminus (Eng)
Terror Fector (Jpn)
Terror Scum (Fra)
Testor (Pol)
Thanatopsis (Usa)
Thanatos (Hol)
Thapsus (Tur)
Tharaphita (Est)
The 3rd and the Mortal (Nor)
The Ancients Rebirth (Swe)
The Bedlam (Hun)
The Black (Swe)
The Broken Souls (Ger)
The Chasm (Mex)
The Crucified (Usa)
The Dead Youth (Usa)
The Endoparasites (Bra)
The Equinox ov The Gods (Swe)
The Eternal (Aut)
The Eye (Fra)
The Forgotten (Usa-NY)
The Gathering (Hol)
The Guff (Usa)
The Horde of Torment (Usa)
The Krypt (Usa)
The Last Battle (Fra)
The Lord Diabolus (Fin)
The Marble Icon (Swe)
The Meads of Asphodel (Eng)
The Moaning (Swe)
The Obsessed (Usa)
The Organization (Usa)
The Reign (Eng)
The Second Moon (Nor)
The Tempter (Spa)
The Thorn (Pol)
The Vision (Pol)
The Wake (Usa)
Theatre of Tragedy (Nor)
Thee Final Chaptre (Usa)
Them (Chi)
Theodicy (Eng)
Thergothon (Fin)
Therion (Swe)
Thirst (Pol)
Thokk (Usa)
Thormenthor (Por)
Thornium (Swe)
Thorns and Flowers (Fra)
Thornspawn (Usa)
Thorny Wreath (Fin)
Thors Hammer (Pol)
Thou Art Lord (Gre)
Thou Shalt Suffer (Nor)
Thrasher Death (Pol)
Threnody (Hol)
Throb (Fra)
Throes of Dawn (Fin)
Throne (Hol)
Throne of Ahaz (Swe)
Throneaeon (Swe)
Thrower Hate (Pol)
Thule (Nor)
Thus Defiled (Eng)
Thy Grief (Nor)
Thy Grief Eternal (Eng)
Thy Serpent (Fin)
Thy Sinister Bloom (Ire)
Thyrfing (Swe)
Tiamat (Swe)
Timeghoul (Usa)
Tir Nan Og (Ger)
Tirant Sin (Usa)
Tombcrusher (Brn)
TON (Usa)
Tormento (Col)
Tormentor (Hol)
Tormentor (Mex)
Tormentor (Ger)
Tormentor (Hun)
Torture Krypt (Usa)
Tortured Soul (Usa)
Torturer (Chi)
Total Mosh Project (Ger)
Totenkopf (Pol)
Totten Korps (Chi)
Toxaemia (Swe)
Toxic Holocaust (Usa)
Toxodeth (Mex)
Tragedy Begins (Gre)
Trail of Tears (Nor)
Transgressor (Jpn)
Traumatic (Swe)
Traumatism (Can)
Treblinka (Swe)
Trelldom (Nor)
Tribulation (Swe)
Tristitia (Swe)
Triumphator (Ita)
Troll (Nor)
Tsatthoggua (Ger)
Tumult (Can)
Tumulus (Ger)
Turning Crosses (Swe)
Twilight (Gre)
Twisted Tower Dire (Usa)
Tynator (Usa)
Tyrant Town (Ita)
Tyrants Reign (Usa)
Tzaphkial (Fra)