Ice Age (Swe)
Iced Earth (Usa)
Ichor (Gre)
Iconoclast (Ita)
Ignis Fatuus (Fra)
Ildjarn (Nor)
Illdisposed (Den)
Imbrute (Fin)
Immanis (Eng)
Immemoreal (Swe)
Immemorial (Pol)
Immersed in Blood (Swe)
Immolation (Usa)
Immortal (Nor)
Immortal Hate (Ger)
Immortal Possession (Can)
Impact Winter (Aus)
Impair (Pol)
Impaled Nazarene (Fin)
Imperial (Swe)
Imperial (Usa)
Imperial (Fra)
Impetigo (Usa)
Impiety (Sng)
Impostor (Nor)
Imprecation (Usa)
In Flames (Swe)
In My Veins (Fin)
In the Woods (Nor)
Incantation (Usa)
Incarcerated (Eng)
Incarnated (Swe)
Incarnated (Por)
Incarnation (Swe)
Incarnis (Usa)
Incest (Pol)
Incest (Usa)
Incision (Swe)
Incision (Usa)
Incubus (Usa-LA)
Incubus (Usa-GA)
Incursion (Swe)
Indicium (Pol)
Inearthed (Fin)
Inertial Mass (Spa)
Inextremis (Eng)
Infamia (Ita)
Infamus (Ger)
Infamy (Usa)
Infaustus (Usa)
Infernal Beauty (Bel)
Infernal Death (Pol)
Infernal Death (Usa)
Infernal Gates (Swe)
Infernal Majesty (Can)
Infernal Oak (Usa)
Inferno (Nor)
Inferno (Hol)
Infernum (Pol)
Infest (Fra)
Infest (Usa)
Infestation (Usa-MA)
Infestation (Usa-NY)
Infestation (Swe)
Infestus (Spa)
Inflammation (Czk)
Iniquity (Den)
Inquisicion (Chi)
Inquisition (Col)
Inquisitor (Hol)
Insalubrious (Swe)
Insane (Bel)
Insane (Pol)
Insangel (Usa)
Insania Trivium (Bly)
Insaniac (Usa)
Insanity (Usa-CA)
Insatanity (Usa)
Insepultus (Svk)
Insision (Swe)
Insomnia (Usa-IL)
Intentional Manslaughter (Gre)
Interment (Swe)
Interment (Fin)
Internal Bleeding (Usa)
Internal Decay (Swe)
Intestine Baalism (Jpn)
Into the Sunless Meridian (Usa)
Intoxicate (Swe)
Intumescence (Swi)
Inverted (Swe)
Inverted Pentagram (Hol)
Invocator (Den)
IR8 (Usa)
Iron Angel (Ger)
Iron Fist (Usa)
Iron Maiden (Eng)
Irreverent (Usa)
Iscariota (Pol)
Isengard (Nor)
Isengard (Swe)
Isildur Bane (Fra)
Iudicium (Bul)