War (Pol)
War 88 (Ger)
War Master (Por)
Wargasm (Usa)
Wargod (Usa)
Warloghe (Fin)
Warlord (Eng)
Warp Spasm (Eng)
Warp Spasm (Eng)
Warpath (Chi)
Warsore (Aus)
Wehrmacht (Usa)
Well of Souls (Usa-IL)
Werewolf (Ger)
While Heaven Wept (Usa)
Whiplash (Usa)
Whiplash (Nor)
Whores of Babylon (Eng)
Wiccan Rede (Rou)
Wilder (Pol)
Will O Wisp (Ita)
Windham Hell (Usa)
Wineta (Pol)
Winged (Ita)
Wings (Fin)
Winter (Usa)
Winter Funeral (Fra)
Wintergods (Gre)
Wintershadows (Pol)
Wireless Helot (Bra)
Wish (Hol)
Witch Desire (Mol)
Witch Meadow (Usa)
Witchclan (Eng)
Witchery (Usa-FL)
Witches (Fra)
Witch-Hunt (Usa)
Witchhunter (Mex)
Witchmaster (Pol)
Witchmaster General (Can)
Withered Earth (Usa)
Withered Garden (Fin)
Withering God (Bel)
Withering Surface (Den)
Without Grief (Swe)
Wizard (Fin)
Wkghitpohrh (Swe)
Wombbath (Swe)
Woods of Belial (Fin)
Worship (Fra)
Wortox (Swe)
Wyvern (Fra)