Demo Archives is always looking for help in keeping an accurate database of information about these Demos. Most of the Demo information is/has/trying to be verified by the actual bands. The Completed Demos are complete to the best of my knowledge. Please contact me with any info or errors.

Insaniac (Usa) 5/24/2023 12:13:13 AM
Garcharot (Fin) 5/23/2023 12:23:03 AM
Majesty (Usa) 5/15/2023 12:12:05 AM
Paradise Lost (Eng) 5/14/2023 1:41:23 AM
Brutal Enemy (Usa) 5/11/2023 3:21:59 PM
Ghostorm (Ltu) 5/11/2023 12:22:48 AM
Vox Mortis (Eng) 5/10/2023 1:05:18 AM
Mortal Reign (Usa) 5/9/2023 12:42:31 AM
Disabled (Fra) 5/8/2023 12:57:20 AM
Colemesis (Cri) 5/5/2023 12:34:07 AM
Lethal (Usa) 5/4/2023 12:41:59 AM
Thanatos (Hol) 5/3/2023 12:31:03 AM
Flotsam and Jetsam (Usa) 5/3/2023 12:08:23 AM
Attaxe (Usa) 5/1/2023 12:26:24 AM
Iced Earth (Usa) 4/28/2023 2:48:44 AM
Kamelot (Usa) 4/27/2023 12:30:39 AM
Last Rite (Usa) 4/26/2023 12:31:01 AM
Havoc Mass (Usa) 4/26/2023 12:13:34 AM
Vicious Circle (Usa) 4/20/2023 12:01:35 AM
Paralysis (Usa) 4/16/2023 12:51:00 AM
Agressor (Fra) 4/13/2023 12:26:12 AM
Evil Dead (Usa) 4/13/2023 12:12:35 AM
Hobbs Angel of Death (Aus) 4/12/2023 12:14:30 AM
Amulance (Usa) 4/7/2023 3:46:26 PM
Tyrants Reign (Usa) 4/7/2023 3:40:26 PM

DEMO III - 2020-?

10.25.21 - 20 YEARS!! I can not believe its been that long since this site came online! Congrats!
.18.20 - Added some code that will show when the page was last updated
09.12.20 - New Website is now live! Enjoy

DEMO II - 2006-2020

09.01.20 - New Website design coming soon.
Winner of the Demo download is now online. As of now the Download voting is no longer active, therefore no more downloads will be available until I have more time. I need more contributions! If you can help with anything please contact me!! I have combined the Additions and Updates into one database.
I need more contributions! If you can help with anything please contact me!! Winner of the Demo download is now online.
05.25.11 - Winner of the Demo download is now online. Please contribute to this site by sending in information and covers! Thanks.
04.14.11 - Changed the format a bit and updated some code.
02.11.11 - Winner of the Demo download is now online.
08.09.10 - Winner of the Demo download is now online.
Enjoy the newest download!
02.24.10 - With your help, Demoarchives has crossed the 1000th band mark! Thanks to everyone who has contributed. Please continue to do so as I still need scans and information.
01.11.10 - Anyone want to trade links? Get in touch! You can get to them by clicking OTHER from the menu.
01.08.10 - New site design is now online! Enjoy! Download winner is finally online as well! Please contribute some demo covers for the site.
12.14.09 - New site design coming soon! Nothing major really, just a graphics update using a Gustav Dore's art theme.
.03.09 - Demo Download winner is now available. Please contribute to this site by sending in demos, etc. Im heading on a training session so I wont be able to update this site until I get back (week)
- Demo Download winner is now available
06.29.09 - Is anyone experiencing any problems on this site? Any .asp errors showing? Please let me know by email if so.
06.23.09 - One of many websites that I have created, Edge of Sanity, is now back online here:
- Demo Download winner is now available.
- Demo Download winner is now available. I ask that you please contribute to this site by either submitting pictures, demo covers, flyers, etc! Also please check for errors and let me know.
- Added new code. Logos of the bands will now start appearing.
- My Nile demo was destroyed (it can be fixed) this evening during my digitalization process. It was eaten by the old tape deck. So I put up the second place winner instead. Demo Download winner is now available! Enjoy!
01.30.09 - Demo Download winner is now available! Enjoy!
01.28.09 - Uploaded some demo flyers on several bands. I also would like for ,YOU the viewer, to find some errors. Use that "report a error link"!!
- Demo Download winner is now available! Enjoy!
- Demo Download winner is now available! Enjoy!
- Heading on Vacation again(SF) and once I get back I will update the demo download winner. Thanks for contributing to this site and please continue to do so!
- Updated some more code. Images such as flyers or pictures of bands are now appearing online.
08.06.08 - Added some code to the site. I will start adding flyers for demos and possible pictures of the band. These will be located under the MISC section, located on the bottom of each bands page. So expect these to pop up soon.
Also please help the site by sending in demo covers or checking for mistakes on the site!!
- Will be adding a few changes to the site IF I can figure out how to do the code for it. One of the first changes will be the addition of the BACKS of demo covers, starting with Iced Earth. As always Im looking for demo covers, so get in touch or contribute!
- Changed the menu bar so Firefox users can view it better
. Also added some background logos. Remember this site is optimized if your settings are 1024x768.
07.13.08 - Demo Download has been updated with the winner!
- Im off for vacation(PA) until next week, so the site wont be updated until I return. I plan on adding the winner of the Demo Download once I return, so get in there and vote! I need people to start contributing to the site by adding demos or checking for mistakes. Help us out damn it!
- The Winner of the Demo Download is now updated! Make sure to vote for the next download. Also, Please contribute to this site either by checking for mistakes or adding/sending in some scans!!
- Demo Download section is open again. Make sure to vote for the next download. Also, Please contribute to this site either by checking for mistakes or adding/sending in some scans!!
- Redid the entire site. Now you can search bands by country, letter, etc. I will also add a demo download section
again soon. This update will make my life a bit easier when I update/upload demos by bands as the database will be automatically updated. As for the News section, I wont be telling you what I uploaded, but look under the Latest Additions or Latest Updaes on the left for the updates. For now on this news section will be used for major upgrades or changes.
- Reworked the demo section with newer code.
- Reworking the Add A Band section. New one will go up soon.
- Added the 'Add a Band' Section. Please try this out and let me know if you have issues
- Site finally opens! Happy Halloween!! I have a ton more to add, so please check back soon!
10.16.07 - Found a potential host and will look into it further.
08.16.07 -
Started reworking the site!


DEMO I - Prior to 2006

02.16.06 - Its been a looong time, no? This site is back online and will stay for at least another year! Im planning on redoing the whole site once I have time, so stay tuned! Nothing will updated until that time. Please contact me for any reasons!
11.10.04 - Just got some bad news about the host provider here. They are shutting down all of their sites as of Nov. 14, 2004. Can anyone provide a host for this site? I have some ideas now, but it may take a while for it to get it going. Make sure to join my mailing list so I can let you know where the new site will be!!! The sign up page is the main page or
10.27.04 - I am going on vacation to Hawaii tomorrow. Once I return I will add the winner to the demo download section, so get in there and vote!
.19.04 - Added the winner of the Demo Download! Enjoy!
04.09.04 - Added the winner of the demo download, freakin close vote! Only won by one vote!!
04.05.04 - Updated more covers with information. Check out the Cover Info. section above. This Friday, the 9th, will be the final day for the Voting of which demo to download. Its a close call, so get in there and vote!
03.30.04 - News: I encourage everyone to vote on the demo downloads, so far its a close call. I want to also thank the people who have uploaded some demo covers. Thanks! The 'latest additions' area has been changed to accommodate the process of adding Demo information to my current pages. Click on 'cover info.' to get the latest list of demo pages that has been updated. If anyone needs a certain demo cover, let me know and I will send you a larger version. As usual Im looking for Demo / Cover traders. Get in touch! The Search continues for a Provider!! Anyone???
News: I have started to add more information to the covers such as if the demo is pro printed, pro or xeroxed covers, has lyrics, etc. If you have any info that you can add, please get in touch. Im also searching for another provider since this host has gone down the tubes in slowness and downloads. Expect a new URL in the near future! I will also add the next demo winner soon. So get in there and vote!!
12.03.03 - News: The host here is having problems for people downloading from their server. I have placed the demo downloads on my FTP for now. I would like to update the info sections of the cover pages with more information such as: pro made or xeroxed covers, color of tape, pro made tape or not, etc. Does anyone have any other ideas for this section? I would like some help on this from you. If you have any of the original demos that are listed here, please get in touch!!! My email server may have problems but I will respond, if not resend the email or sign the guestbook to let me know!!
- Added a new POLL, under the DOWNLOAD SECTION! Please go there and vote for the next demo you want to hear!
09.17.03 - Im back, very nice vacation! Anyways heres a SWEDISH DEMO COVER update. Nothing but Swedish bands this time around
06.09.03 - Added a Links section and corrected the Contact button.
12.04.02 - Woohooo Metroid rules!!
11.25.02 - Sorry for the delay, but the new Metroid games came out and Ive been busy playing those!!! Anyways,  I  have also redone this site again and I think everyone will like it.
08.29.02 - Also added a new Artists' demo for you to download as well as an update to my DEMO ARCHIVE CDS LIST.
07.06.02 -  Also redesigned the site a little, by adding a search engine.
04.09.02 - Took away the seve inch area. Didnt feel like it would fit for this site. I am going to stick w/ demo covers for now.
03.18.02 - New address now! Hopefully this will be more reliable.
03.06.02 - 7-inch area is open w/ only a few covers: adramelech, ancient rites, awakening, beyond dawn, carpathian full moon, darkthrone, excavation, excidum, napalm death, repulsion, revenant, rottrevore, wings and zemial.
Added demo covers of: Iced Earth, Enslaved, Embrionic Death, Phlebotomized, Necrony, October 31st and Possessed. A new section is now opened called Demo Archive CDS. This area will be a chance for you to own some of these demos w/ full version covers on CD. Check this area out for more info!
02.16.02 -  Added a new intro screen. Changed the navigation piece back to what it was. I am still working on the seven inch area. Feel free to contribute anything you can offer.
01.01.02 - Updated the navigation piece on the Covers Section. Added a Intro Page.
11.06.01 - Revamped the site a bit. Hope you like it. Will add a CREDITS link soon.
10.25.01 - Site opens