C.O.D (Come on Dead) (Fra)
C.R.Y (Cremacion Resurrection Y) (Ecu)
Caarcrinolas (Fra)
Cabal (Ger)
Cabaret for Bereaved (Fin)
Cadaver (Nor)
Cadaverous (Eng)
Caducity (Bel)
Callenish Circle (Hol)
Calvary (Ita)
Cancer (Eng)
Cancerbero (Chi)
Candle Serenade (Por)
Cangrena (Cri)
Canker (Spa)
Cannabyss (Usa)
Cannibal Corpse (Usa)
Cantara (Hol)
Captor (Swe)
Carbonized (Swe)
Carcaroht (Swe)
Carcass (Eng)
Caricature (Fin)
Carnage (Swe)
Carnage (Eng)
Carnal Dissection (Usa)
Carnifex (Fin)
Carnivore (Usa)
Carpathian Forest (Nor)
Carrion Lord (Usa)
Carronya (Spa)
Cartilage (Fin)
Casbah (Jpn)
Castigate (Ger)
Castle (Hol)
Catacomb (Ita)
Catacomb (Fra)
Catacomb (Slo)
Catalepsy (Fra)
Catalepsy (Eng)
Cataleptic (Col)
Catasexual Urge Motivation (Jpn)
Cathedral (Eng)
Cauterizer (Swe)
Celebration (Pol)
Celephais (Swe)
Celestial Season (Hol)
Cemetary (Swe)
Cemetery (Fra)
Cemetery (Sng)
Cemetery Earth (Usa)
Cemetery of Scream (Pol)
Cenotaph (Pol)
Cenotaph (Ita)
Cenotaph (Mex)
Centinex (Swe)
Centurian (Hol)
Centurion Centauri (Fra)
Cerberus (Swe)
Cerberus (Usa-NJ)
Cerebral Coma (Isr)
Cerebral Concussion (Pol)
Cerebrum (Fin)
Ceremonial Oath (Swe)
Ceremonium (Usa)
Ceremony (Usa-TX)
Chainsaw (Ger)
Chaosick (Can)
Chaoslord (Fin)
Chaosotis (Hol)
Chapel of Rest (Eng)
Charon (Fin)
Charter (Fra)
Checker Patrol (Nor)
Chemical Warfare (Bly)
Children of Maani (Fra)
Chococrispis (Spa)
Chorus of Ruin (Eng)
Christ Agony (Pol)
Christ Denied (Spa)
Christ the Insane (Pol)
Christbait (Aus)
Chronic Anguish (Swe)
Chronic Death (Bel)
Church of Misery (Usa)
Cianide (Usa)
Clandestine Blaze (Fin)
Clot (Usa)
Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ (Jpn)
Coercion (Swe)
Cold Steel (Usa)
Colemesis (Cri)
Command (Bra)
Conception (Nor)
Concrete Sleep (Swe)
Condemnation (Pol)
Condemned (Swe)
Confessor (Usa)
Confusion (Pol)
Congestion (Fin)
Contagion (Usa-IL)
Contempt (Usa-CA)
Contra (Swe)
Converge (Usa)
Convulse (Fin)
Coprophagist (Ger)
Coroner (Swi)
Corpse (Swe)
Corpse (Bra)
Corpse Molestation (Aus)
Corpsegrinder (Usa)
Corpsevomit (Usa)
Corpus (Can)
Corpus Mortale (Den)
Corpusculum (Hol)
Corrosion of Conformity (Usa)
Corrosive Divine (Swe)
Corrupt (Swe)
Corruption (Pol)
Corruption (Usa)
Cougar (Fra)
Counter Attak (Usa)
Countess (Hol)
Coven of the Worm (Ger)
Covenant (Nor)
Crab Phobia (Swe)
Crack Up (Ger)
Cradle Of Filth (Eng)
Cranial Torment (Gre)
Cranthorpe (Pol)
Cremains (Can)
Cremation (Usa-NJ)
Cremation (Can)
Cremator (Nor)
Crematorian (Usa)
Crematory (Ger)
Crematory (Swe)
Cretin (Hol)
Criminal Death (Bel)
Crimson (Usa)
Crimson Death (Usa)
Crimson Evenfall (Fin)
Crimson Garden (Fra)
Crimson Moon (Usa)
Croon (Fin)
Cross Fade (Usa)
Crowley (Swe)
Crown of Autumn (Ita)
Crown of Thorns (Swe)
Cruachan (Ire)
Crucifer (Usa)
Crucifier (Usa)
Crucifix (Usa)
Crucifixion (Ger)
Crucifixion (Usa)
Cruelty (Swe)
Cruentus (Eng)
Cryogen (Usa)
Crypt (Aus)
Crypt Keepers (Can)
Crypt of Kerberos (Swe)
Cryptic Tales (Pol)
Cryptopsy (Can)
Crystal Age (Swe)
Crystal Eyes (Swe)
Cthonium (Gre)
Cultus Sanguine (Ita)
Curse (Fin)
Curse Ritual (Pol)
Cyanosis (Usa)
Cyclone (Bel)
Cynic (Usa)