1010 BANDS

These are the bands that have missing data. The data that we are looking for could be: A complete biography, demo cover information, demo cassette information, or actual demo cover scans. Please contact us if you can help.

Abaddon (Chi)
Abemal (Swe)
Abhor (Ita)
Abhorer (Sng)
Abhorrence (Ger)
Abhorrent (Chi)
Abominant (Usa)
Abomination (Pol)
Absorbed (Spa)
Absurd (Ger)
Absurdus (Fin)
Abyss (Jpn)
Abyssals (Fra)
Abyssic Hate (Aus)
Acacia (Ita)
Accuracy (Ger)
Accursed (Usa-NY)
Acheron Gates (Isr)
Acheront (Pol)
Acrimonious (Chi)
Ad Nutum (Fra)
Ad Patres (Pol)
Adetar (Hol)
Adrian (Ger)
Adversary (Swe)
Aes (Ita)
Afterlife (Usa)
Aftermath (Usa-IL)
Aftermath AD (Usa)
Aftershock (Usa-WI)
Agatus (Gre)
Aggression (Can)
Aggressor (Usa-MA)
Agnosis (Col)
Agresion (Col)
Akrabu (Usa)
All of a Murder Art (Pol)
Allegiance (Aus)
Alucard (Usa)
Amentia (Swe)
Amethyste (Fra)
Amon (Czk)
Amulance (Usa)
Anarchus (Swi)
Anashi (Swe)
Anathemized (Pol)
Ancient Ceremony (Ger)
Ancient Curse (Ger)
Ancient Wargod (Ger)
And Oceans (Fin)
Anestesia (Spa)
Angel Dust (Fra)
Anialator (Usa)
Annihilation (Usa-CA)
Annihilator (Can)
Annoyance (Eng)
Another Perfect Day (Ger)
Antaeus (Fra)
Anthagonist (Can)
Anubi (Ltu)
Apolions Genocide (Col)
Apollgon (Swe)
Apollo Ra (Usa)
Apollyon (Den)
Aposento (Spa)
Apostasia (Bra)
Arcan (Fra)
Argentum (Mex)
Argos (Cri)
Armagedon (Pol)
Armatus (Ger)
Artillery (Den)
As Sahar (Sng)
As Serenity Fades (Fin)
Asafated (Tur)
Ascaris (Pol)
Ash Devili (Pol)
Aspiration (Fin)
Assassin (Ger)
Assault (Can)
Asshole (Fra)
Astaroth (Ita)
Astaroth (Fin)
Astral Forest (Pol)
Asyndess (Fra)
Ater (Fin)
Athrepsy (Fra)
Atonement (Fra)
Atrocity (Ger)
Autopsy Torment (Swe)
Awful (Ita)
Azathoth (Usa)
Azazel (Nzl)
Azhubham Haani (Swe)
Azrael (Usa-FL)
Azure (Swe)
B.AE.S.J (Nor)
Baphoment (Usa-NY)
Barathrum (Fin)
Bathym (Usa)
Battle Axe (Jpn)
Behemoth (Gre)
Beherit (Fin)
Belial (Usa)
Believer (Usa)
Bellgrave (Ger)
Belsebub (Swe)
Belsemar (Swe)
Berith (Ger)
Berserker (Ita)
Beseech (Swe)
Besias (Fra)
Bethlehem (Jpn)
Betrayed (Chi)
Betrayel (Usa)
Betrayer (Pol)
Beyond Death (Usa)
Beyond Description (Jpn)
Bitches Sin (Eng)
Black Hearts (Pol)
Blacksmith (Usa)
Blasphemer (Eng)
Blasphemous (Swe)
Blasphemous Degeneration (Pol)
Blessed Death (Usa)
Blind Guardian (Ger)
Blind Illusion (Usa)
Blitzkrieg (Eng)
Bloden-Wedd (Chi)
Blood (Ger)
Blood Covered (Gre)
Bloodless (Fra)
Bloody Mary (Usa-NC)
Bloody Mary (Usa-NY)
Bloody Ritual (Fra)
Body Bag (Usa-OR)
Bolt Thrower (Eng)
Brass Tactics (Usa)
Breaker (Jpn)
Breeding Fear (Ger)
Brejn Dedd (Swe)
Brocas Helm (Usa)
Broken Arrow (Fra)
Broken Fear (Fra)
Broken Hope (Usa)
Brutal Enemy (Usa)
Bundeswehra (Pol)
Burial Vault (Fra)
C.R.Y (Ecu)
Cabal (Ger)
Cadaver (Nor)
Cadaverous (Eng)
Carpathian Forest (Nor)
Carrion Lord (Usa)
Casbah (Jpn)
Catacomb (Ita)
Catasexual Urge Motivation (Jpn)
Celebration (Pol)
Celephais (Swe)
Celestial Season (Hol)
Cenotaph (Pol)
Cenotaph (Ita)
Cerebral Coma (Isr)
Chainsaw (Ger)
Chaosick (Can)
Chaoslord (Fin)
Charon (Fin)
Charter (Fra)
Chococrispis (Spa)
Chorus of Ruin (Eng)
Chronic Death (Bel)
Church of Misery (Usa)
Clandestine Blaze (Fin)
Clot (Usa)
Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ (Jpn)
Cold Steel (Usa)
Condemned (Swe)
Congestion (Fin)
Contempt (Usa-CA)
Contra (Swe)
Converge (Usa)
Coroner (Swi)
Corpse Molestation (Aus)
Corpsevomit (Usa)
Corpusculum (Hol)
Corrosion of Conformity (Usa)
Corrupt (Swe)
Corruption (Pol)
Counter Attak (Usa)
Countess (Hol)
Coven of the Worm (Ger)
Crack Up (Ger)
Cranthorpe (Pol)
Cremation (Can)
Crematorian (Usa)
Cretin (Hol)
Criminal Death (Bel)
Crimson (Usa)
Crimson Moon (Usa)
Croon (Fin)
Crucifix (Usa)
Crucifixion (Ger)
Cruelty (Swe)
Crypt Keepers (Can)
Cryptic Tales (Pol)
Cultus Sanguine (Ita)
Curse Ritual (Pol)
DAM (Eng)
Damage (Swe)
Damage (Fin)
Damnation (Usa-CA)
Dark Funeral (Den)
Darkest Oath (Gre)
Darkmoon (Usa)
Darkness (Ger)
Darkness (Ger)
Darkphase (Tur)
Dead End (Hol)
Dead Evil (Pol)
Dead Head (Hol)
Death Courier (Gre)
Death Power (Fra)
Deathless (Pr)
Deathrash (Usa)
Deathrune (Usa)
Deathwish (Eng)
Deceiver (Ger)
Deceiver (Fin)
Decerebration (Can)
Decortication (Swe)
Decoryah (Fin)
Defcon (Usa)
Defiance (Usa-AZ)
Defunctis (Ita)
Deinonychus (Hol)
Deliverance (Usa-CA)
Dementor (Svk)
Demigod (Fin)
Demon Realm (Den)
Demoncy (Usa)
Demoniac (Nzl)
Demonic Christ (Usa)
Demonomacy (Usa)
Depravity (Fin)
Der-Untermensch (Eng)
Desecrate (Swe)
Desecration (Pol)
Desecration (Usa-CA)
Desecration (Usa-MD)
Desexult (Den)
Deslok (Usa)
Despised (Ger)
Deteriorate (Usa)
Detestor (Ita)
DethShit (Usa)
Devilry (Fin)
Deztroyer (Ger)
Dimmu Borgir (Nor)
Disaster (Pol)
Disciples of Hate (Usa)
Discomposure (Den)
Disgorged (Por)
Disgorged (Usa)
Disgrace (Fin)
Disgust (Usa)
Disgusting (Nor)
Disinter (Usa-OH)
Dismembered Fetus (Usa)
Dissect (Hol)
Dissection (Ltu)
Dissonance (Ltu)
Distorted Disproportionation (Ger)
Divine Sin (Swe)
Dominus (Usa-OH)
Donor (Hol)
Doom Snake Cult (Usa)
Dorso (Chi)
Downfall (Fra)
Dr Shrinker (Usa)
Dream Death (Usa)
Dreemwich (Usa)
Drogheda (Usa)
Drowned (Ger)
Droys (Fra)
Drunkards (Ita)
Dunkelheit (Pol)
Dysangelium (Fin)
Dysentery (Swe)
Earth A.D. (Can)
Eclipse (Rus)
Ehrimen (Tur)
Electrocution (Ita)
Embalmed (Usa-NM)
Emorrhage Corpse (Ita)
Emphysema (Usa)
Enslaved (Ger)
Enslaved (Ger)
Entasis (Aus)
Entety (Usa)
Enthroned (Usa-IL)
Entity (Swe)
Entity (Ita)
Entropia (Spa)
Entwined (Eng)
Epitome (Pol)
Equimanthorn (Swi)
Erevos (Gre)
Esgaroth (Gre)
Esker (Can)
Eternal Aggression (Usa)
Eternal Dirge (Ger)
Eternal Past (Fra)
Eternity (Ger)
Eutanasia (Col)
Eve of Mourning (Usa)
Eviction (Usa)
Evil (Bra)
Evoke (Eng)
Evolution Fail (Can)
Exanthema (Swe)
Excavation (Hol)
Excel (Usa)
Excoriate (Usa)
Execrator (Chi)
Exhaust Death (Pol)
Exhauster (Fra)
Exhumation (Gre)
Exhume (Fra)
Exhumed (Usa-CA)
Exhumer (Fra)
Exile (Swe)
Existence (Pol)
Exit-13 (Usa)
Exkrement (Fra)
Exoto (Bel)
Explicit Hate (Fra)
Expulsion (Swe)
Exterminance (Usa)
Extreme Feedback (Den)
Extremity (Bel)
Exumer (Ger)
Face of Evil (Swe)
Fafner (Swe)
Fair Game (Usa)
Faith or Fear (Usa)
Falkenbach (Ger)
Fallen Angel (Swe)
Fallen Angel (Den)
False Prophet (Usa)
Faltomy (Fin)
Fantom Warior (Usa)
Fatal (Usa-MI)
Fatal (Usa-SC)
Fate (Pol)
Fifth Dominion (Ire)
Filth (Aus)
Filthy Christians (Swe)
Fimbul (Nor)
Fjell (Ger)
Flaming Anger (Ger)
Flounder (Fin)
Forbidden Evil (Usa)
Foreshadow (Can)
Forlorn (Swe)
Formicide (Usa)
Forsaken Grief (Swe)
Foul Stench (Usa)
Frayeurs (Fra)
Fulgor (Ger)
Fullmoon (Pol)
Fulmination (Swe)
Funeral (Fra)
Funeral Feast (Swe)
Funeral Frost (Swe)
Funeral Mist (Swe)
Funeral Nation (Usa)
Funeral Oration (Ita)
Funeral Pyre (Usa)
Funeral Rites (Jpn)
Funeral Winds (Hol)
Funerality (Brn)
Funereal Moon (Mex)
Funerus (Usa)
Gaffed (Usa)
Gardy Loo (Usa)
Genital Putrefaction (Pol)
Genocide (Can)
Genocide Inc (Can)
Geronimo (Den)
Ghost (Pol)
Ghost Story (Usa)
Ghostrider (Ita)
Ghoul (Usa)
Gilgamosh (Swe)
Glass (Usa)
Goat Vulva (Fin)
Goat Worship (Den)
Godfall (Fin)
Godly Beings (Hol)
Granulosum (Usa)
Grave Flowers (Swe)
Graveland (Pol)
Graven Image (Usa-MA)
Graveyard (Usa)
Grimoire (Isr)
Groinchurn (Afr)
Grotesque Infection (Usa)
Guardian (Pol)
Gut (Ger)
Haborym (Mex)
Hadez (Per)
Haemorrhage (Spa)
Half Track (Fra)
Halifax Gibbet (Fra)
Harfang (Fra)
Harmony (Swe)
Haron (Bul)
Hasty Death (Swe)
Hate (Pol)
Hatred (Ger)
Hazael (Pol)
Hecatomb (Aus)
Hellbastard (Eng)
Hellbound (Usa)
Hellhammer (Swi)
Hells (Ita)
Hellsaw (Bel)
Hellwitch (Usa)
Helms Deep (Eng)
Helwetti (Fin)
Hemlock (Usa-NY)
Hexx (Usa)
Hidden Pride (Can)
Hieronym Inferiorum (Gre)
Hirax (Usa)
Hobbs Angel of Death (Aus)
Hogans Heroes (Usa)
Holocausto (Col)
Homicide (Ita)
Humanicide (Usa)
Hurusoma (Jpn)
Hyperion (Aut)
Hypnosia (Swe)
Hypnosis (Pol)
Ice Age (Swe)
Ignis Fatuus (Fra)
Ildjarn (Nor)
Immemoreal (Swe)
Immortal Possession (Can)
Impact Winter (Aus)
Impair (Pol)
Imperial (Swe)
Impiety (Sng)
Impostor (Nor)
Incarcerated (Eng)
Incarnated (Swe)
Incarnis (Usa)
Indicium (Pol)
Inextremis (Eng)
Infamia (Ita)
Infamus (Ger)
Infernal Death (Usa)
Infernal Death (Pol)
Infernal Gates (Swe)
Infernal Majesty (Can)
Infernal Oak (Usa)
Inferno (Hol)
Infernum (Pol)
Infest (Fra)
Infestation (Swe)
Infestus (Spa)
Inflammation (Czk)
Inquisicion (Chi)
Insane (Bel)
Insangel (Usa)
Insaniac (Usa)
Insanity (Usa-CA)
Insepultus (Svk)
Insision (Swe)
Insomnia (Usa-IL)
Intentional Manslaughter (Gre)
Intumescence (Swi)
Inverted Pentagram (Hol)
Invocator (Den)
Irreverent (Usa)
Isengard (Nor)
Iudicium (Bul)
Jag Panzer (Usa)
Jesus Save (Jpn)
Judgement Day (Hol)
Kataklysm (Can)
Katharsis (Ger)
Keks (Swe)
Killroy (Ger)
Konkhra (Den)
Korrosion (Spa)
Kraal (Fra)
Krabathor (Czk)
Kranium (Per)
Kratornas (Phi)
Kreon (Pol)
Krhomadeath (Fra)
Krullur (Usa)
Kyprians Circle (Fin)
L.S.S.A.H (Pol)
Laaz Rockit (Usa)
Lachrymator (Usa)
Lamentation (Gre)
Land of Goshen (Pol)
Last Descendants (Usa)
Lazy Mans Load (Ger)
Left Hand Solution (Swe)
Legion (Ecu)
Legion of Doom (Gre)
Leprocy (Can)
Lestregus Nosferatus (Usa)
Lethal (Usa)
Lethal Prayer (Usa)
Leviathan (usa-NY)
Leviathan (Pol)
Lewiathan (Pol)
Liar of Golgotha (Hol)
Libation (Sng)
Life Artist (Ger)
Ligament (Swe)
Light Force (Aus)
Limbonic Art (Nor)
Living Sorrow (Ger)
Lonewolf (Fra)
Lord Belial (Swe)
Lord Crucifier (Eng)
Lord Mortis (Can)
Lord of Putrefaction (Eng)
Lords of the Stone (Hol)
Loudblast (Fra)
Lubricant (Fin)
Lucifer (Swe)
Luciferion (Swe)
Lucifers Hammer (Usa)
Lucifers Heritage (Ger)
Lucifugum (Ukr)
Lunacy (Swi)
Lunatic Paradise (Ltu)
M.A.D (Bel)
M.A.D (Can)
Macabre Omen (Gre)
Maceration (Swe)
Maelstrom (Usa-NY)
Malediction (Eng)
Malicious Onslaught (Usa)
Malign (Swe)
Malitiae (Swe)
Malvery (Can)
Manslaughter (Pol)
Mantus (Usa)
Marauder (Gre)
Martyr (Arg)
Martyrium (Ger)
Martyrum (Swe)
Masochist (Usa)
Mass Exhibit (Usa)
Massacra (Fra)
Masters Hammer (Czk)
Masticate (Swe)
Masticator (Swe)
Matricide (Usa)
Mausoleum (Usa)
Mayhemesis (Usa)
Mayhemic Truth (Ger)
Maze of Cako Torments (Lat)
Meadow in Silence (Swe)
Medieval Demon (Gre)
Medusa (Eng)
Melissa (Swe)
Memorium (Swe)
Mentor (Pol)
Merciless (Swe)
Mercyless (Fra)
Meshuggah (Swe)
Messe Noir (Usa)
Messiah (Swi)
Metalium (Tur)
Metallica (Usa)
Metroz (Swe)
Mid-Evil (Can)
Midnight Sun (Fin)
Militia (Usa-CA)
Minas Tirith (Nor)
Mind Revolt (Gre)
Mind Snare (Ita)
Mindrot (Usa)
Minotaur (Ger)
Mirror of Deception (Ger)
Misanthropic Poetry (Rus)
Missdemeanor (Usa)
Mithotyn (Swe)
Mjolnir (Ger)
Moaning Wind (Swe)
Mob 47 (Swe)
Mock (Nor)
Moevot (Fra)
Mogg (Swe)
Molested (Nor)
Monastery (Hol)
Monastery (Pol)
Monastyr (Pol)
Monev (Pol)
Monkey Mush (Swe)
Monolith (Pol)
Moonblood (Ger)
Moonshine (Kor)
Moral Decay (Usa)
Morbid Corpses (Usa)
Morbid Darkness (Can)
Morbid Decapitation (Can)
Morbid Insane (Pol)
Morbid Symphony (Eng)
Morbidity (Swe)
Mordaehoth (Hol)
Mordicus (Fin)
Mordred (Usa)
Morgoth (Ger)
Morgue (Swe)
Moriturus (Pol)
Mork Gryning (Swe)
Morke (Ger)
Morningstar (Fin)
Morphal (Fra)
Morstice (Eng)
Mortal Decay (Usa)
Mortal God (Fin)
Mortal Reign (Usa)
Mortal Sin (Aus)
Mortal Slaughter (Pol)
Morticious (Usa)
Mortify (Gre)
Mortuary (Fin)
Mortuary (Fra)
Mortuary (Usa-CA)
Mortuary Drape (Ita)
Mortuus (Pol)
Mourning Beloveth (Ire)
Mourning Sign (Swe)
Murdergod (Usa)
Musical Massacre (Ger)
Mussorgski (Pol)
Nagelfar (Ger)
Nailed Nazarene (Svk)
Napalm Death (Eng)
Narcolepsy (Usa)
Nasferatu (Usa)
Nastrond (Swe)
Nasty Savage (Usa)
National Napalm Syndicate (Fin)
Natterjack (Swe)
Nausea (Usa)
Nav (Rus)
Neandertal (Pol)
Necrofago (Bra)
Necrolatry (Pol)
Necrolust (Pol)
Necromancy (Gre)
Necromantic (Fra)
Necromicon (Swe)
Necrophagia (Usa-OH)
Necrophagia (Usa-CA)
Necrophagist (Ger)
Necrophil (Pol)
Necrophiliac (Fra)
Necropsy (Fin)
Necrosis (Usa-NY)
Necrospiritual (Fin)
Necrotic Mutation (Can)
Necrotion (Usa)
Nefandus (Swe)
Nefast (Fra)
Neolithic (Pol)
Nephenzy (Swe)
Nergal (Gre)
Neuntoter (Spa)
Neurasthenia (Fin)
Neuropath (Aus)
Nevermore (Usa)
Nezgaroth (Swe)
Nidhug (Den)
Nightly Gale (Pol)
No Way Out (Pol)
Noctambulism (Mex)
Nomed (Fra)
Nordor (Gre)
North (Pol)
Northwinds (Fra)
Nosferatu (Hol)
Nothingness (Fra)
Nuclear Death (Usa)
Nuclear Simphony (Ita)
Nuctemeron (Pol)
Num Skull (Usa)
Numen (Pol)
O.I.D (Ita)
Obeisance (Usa)
Objector (Fra)
Obliveon (Can)
Oblivion (Can)
Obscure Infinity (Swe)
Obsecration (Gre)
Obtained Enslavement (Nor)
Occult (Hol)
Octinomos (Swe)
Of Dying Dreams (Usa)
Oktober (Usa-PA)
Old Pagan (Ger)
Ork (Bul)
Osculum Infame (Fra)
Ossian (Hun)
Ossuary (Usa-PA)
Overlord (Pol)
Overture (Usa)
Pagan Rites (Swe)
Pain (Usa-IL)
Pale Oracle (Usa)
Panic (Usa)
Pantheon (Usa-AZ)
Paradigma (Nor)
Paradise Lost (Eng)
Paralysis (Usa)
Paramaecium (Aus)
Parasophisma (Czk)
Paraxism (Fin)
Pascal (Pol)
Pathology (Bel)
Pavor (Ger)
Pax Mortis (Usa)
Pentagram (Chi)
Perdition Hearse (Nor)
Perished (Nor)
Persophone (Ger)
Perverseraph (Usa)
Pervogoat (Fin)
Pessimyst (Usa)
Pest (Fin)
Phantasm (Usa-CA)
Phlebotomy (Gre)
Pig Destroyer (Usa)
Pleurisy (Hol)
Plutocracy (Usa)
Possessed (Usa)
Preprophecy (Fin)
Prepuce (Hol)
Priesticide Lust (Pol)
Prime Evil (Usa-NY)
Primordial (Ire)
Profanacion (Arg)
Profanatica (Usa)
Profane Creation (Bra)
Profecia (Mex)
Prong (Usa)
Prophecy (Fra)
Proton Burst (Fra)
Pseudostratiffied Epithelium (Cri)
Psychasthenia (Can)
Psychicthrob (Can)
Psychoneurosis (Pol)
Psychopath (Usa)
Psychosis (Usa-NH)
Psychosis (Usa-WA)
Psychosis (Usa-NJ)
Ptomaina (Pol)
Pulsion (Fra)
Punishment (Pol)
Purgatory (Usa-FL)
Putrefaction (Swe)
Putrefest (Usa)
Putrescence (Fra)
Pyathrosis (Hol)
Pyopoesy (Svk)
Pyromania (Fra)
Quick Change (Usa)
R.I.P (Swi)
Ragnarok (Nor)
Randomize Timer (Fra)
Raped Ape (Usa)
Rapid Force (Ser)
Rator (Mal)
Ravenclaw (Ger)
Ravens Over Gomorrah (Usa)
Reactor (Swi)
Realm (Usa)
Re-animator (Eng)
Recon (Usa)
Red Fire Rain (Ger)
Red Tide (Usa)
Redrum (Usa-CA)
Regredior (Ltu)
Regurgitate (Swe)
Repugnant (Usa)
Repulsion (Usa-MI)
Requiem (Chi)
Resurrection (Usa-FL)
Retribution Denied (Afr)
Revelation (Usa)
Revenant (Usa)
Rigor Mortis (Usa-TX)
Rigor Mortis (Usa-NY)
Ripped (Usa)
Ripping Corpse (Usa)
Ritual (Pol)
Ritual Torment (Usa)
Rivers Edge (Swe)
Roadkill (Usa)
Rosemarys Abortion (Usa)
Rotting Head (Pol)
RU Dead (Ger)
Running Wild (Ger)
Rusty Nutsy (Fra)
S.H.I.T (Bel)
Sabbat (Eng)
Sacramental Sachem (Hol)
Sacrario (Bra)
Sacred Circle (Fin)
Sacrifice (Fra)
Sacrificial (Den)
Sacrophobia (Spa)
Sad Whisperings (Hol)
Sadistic Intent (Usa)
Sadistic Torment (Usa)
Sadus (Usa)
Salem (Isr)
Salem (Jpn)
Salem (Usa-TX)
Salem Justice (Eng)
Sanctum Regnum (Bol)
Sarcasm (Swe)
Sarcastic (Swe)
Sarcazm (Swe)
Sarcofago (Bra)
Sarcophagus (Usa)
Sargatanas (Mex)
Sarkasm (Can)
Satans Sign of War (Ger)
Satariel (Swe)
Savage Death (Usa)
Savage Thrust (Usa)
Savior (Usa)
Scab Maggot (Usa)
Scavenger (Usa-FL)
Schizo (Ita)
Scholomance (Usa)
Screamer (Usa)
Secrets of the Moon (Ger)
Seers Tear (Eng)
Seirim (Ger)
Seminarium (Pol)
Sentenced (Fin)
Sephirot (Aut)
Sepulchral (Fra)
Sermon (Tur)
Serpens Aeon (Usa)
Seventh Angel (Eng)
Sexorcist (Hol)
Shades of Grey (Usa)
Shatargat (Fin)
Shud (Fra)
Sickness (Gre)
Sickness (Ger)
Sienbenburgen (Swe)
Sinister (Den)
Sinoath (Ita)
Siren (Usa)
Skeletal Earth (Usa)
Skinless (Usa)
Slashing Death (Pol)
Slaughter (Can)
Slaughter House K.O.D (Usa)
Slaughter Lord (Aus)
Snyper (Eng)
Solemn (Eng)
Solitary (Pol)
Somberness (Fra)
Sorath (Usa)
Sorhin (Swe)
Sorrow Bequest (Usa)
Sparagmos (Pol)
Spina Bifida (Hol)
Spithead (Bel)
Splattered Cadaver (Usa)
Squealer (Fra)
Stagnant (Svk)
Steel Prophet (Usa)
Stigma (Gre)
Stone to Flesh (Ser)
Strid (Nor)
Stygg Dod (Swe)
Subjugator (Usa-CA)
Submission (Hol)
Sufferance (Usa)
Supreme Lord (Pol)
Surgical Steel (Usa)
Tarland (Pol)
Taxidermist (Usa)
Temperance (Swe)
Tenebrae (Fin)
Tenebris (Pol)
Terata (Usa)
Terror Fector (Jpn)
Terror Scum (Fra)
Testor (Pol)
Thapsus (Tur)
Tharaphita (Est)
The Ancients Rebirth (Swe)
The Bedlam (Hun)
The Broken Souls (Ger)
The Dead Youth (Usa)
The Equinox ov The Gods (Swe)
The Forgotten (Usa-NY)
The Horde of Torment (Usa)
The Moaning (Swe)
The Obsessed (Usa)
The Tempter (Spa)
The Thorn (Pol)
The Wake (Usa)
Thirst (Pol)
Thormenthor (Por)
Thornspawn (Usa)
Thorny Wreath (Fin)
Thrasher Death (Pol)
Threnody (Hol)
Throb (Fra)
Throne (Hol)
Thrower Hate (Pol)
Thy Sinister Bloom (Ire)
Thyrfing (Swe)
Timeghoul (Usa)
Tir Nan Og (Ger)
Tombcrusher (Brn)
TON (Usa)
Tormentor (Ger)
Tormentor (Hol)
Tormentor (Hun)
Tormentor (Mex)
Tortured Soul (Usa)
Torturer (Chi)
Total Mosh Project (Ger)
Totenkopf (Pol)
Totten Korps (Chi)
Toxaemia (Swe)
Traumatic (Swe)
Tristitia (Swe)
Tsatthoggua (Ger)
Tumult (Can)
Tynator (Usa)
Tyrants Reign (Usa)
Ulcerate Fester (Hol)
Unburied (Fin)
Unburied (Usa-VA)
Uncanny (Swe)
Unclean (Czk)
Undercroft (Chi)
Undertaker (Fra)
Undertaker (Pol)
Unicorn (Swe)
Unpure (Swe)
Unsilence (Eng)
Unsophisticated (Pol)
Uranus (Gre)
Ursae Minoris (Fra)
Vacuum (Czk)
Valhall (Nor)
Varathron (Gre)
Varech (Fra)
Veles (Pol)
Venom (Eng)
Vicious Circle (Usa)
Violent Dirge (Pol)
Violent Force (Ger)
Virgins Cunt (Fin)
Virus (Jpn)
Vixen (Fra)
Vlad Tepes (Fra)
Vomiturition (Fin)
Vorphalack (Gre)
Vulpecula (Pol)
Vulture (Hol)
War 88 (Ger)
War Master (Por)
Wargod (Usa)
Warlord (Eng)
Warp Spasm (Eng)
Warpath (Chi)
Whiplash (Usa)
Wilder (Pol)
Windham Hell (Usa)
Wings (Fin)
Witch-Hunt (Usa)
Witchhunter (Mex)
Withered Earth (Usa)
Withered Garden (Fin)
Woods of Belial (Fin)
Worship (Fra)
Wyvern (Fra)
Xantossa (Hol)
Xecutioner (Usa)
Xenomorph (Usa)
Xudef Klas (Spa)
Xysma (Fin)
Zahgurim (Usa-CA)
Zara (Fra)
Zoetrope (Usa)
Zvrator (Czk)
Zyklon-B (Usa)